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Across The Streaming Tide

In autumn when wind and the sea
Rejoice to live and laught to be
And scarce the blast the curbs and the tree
And bids before it quail and flee

In winter when years when the years burn low
As f...

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Might And Glory

Rivers of fire at dead of night
in winter lying cold and white
upon the plain burst forth, and high.
the red was mirrored in the sky.

From Hitblum's walls they saw the fire,
the steam and smok...

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To north, to north there lay the land of dread
Dungorthin, where all ways were dead
In hills, in hills of shadow bleak and cold
Beyond was deadly nighshades hold

To south, to south the wide ear...

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The wind is cold and heavy
And storms are in the sky
Our path across the nordland
Goes higher and more high

To left the sea we came from
To right the white hills with no tree.
The wind is gro...

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A king there was in days of the old
Ere men yet walked upon the mould
His power was reared in caverns shade
His hand was over glen and glade

His shields were shining as the moon
His lances kee...

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Land Of The Dead

Where forest stream went through the wood
and silent all the stens there stood
of tall trees, moveless, hanging dark
with mottled shadows on their bark

as faint as deepest sleeper's breath
an ...

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South Away

Leave the halls and caverns deep
Were the forests wide and dim
Stoops in shadow grey and grim

Float beyond the world of trees
Past the rushes, past the reeds
Past the marshes, weaving weeds

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In Hollow Halls Beneath The Fells

Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and carvens old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold

The pines were roaring on the height
The winds were moaning i...

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Our Foes Shall Fall

The sword is sharp, the spear is long
The arrow swift, the gate is strong
The heart is bold that looks on gold
The dwarves no more shall suffer wrong

The mountain throne once more is freed

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The Mountains King's Return

The king beneath the mountains
The king of carven stone
The lord of silver fountains
Shall come into his own!

His crown shall be upholden
His harp shall be restrung
His halls shall echo gol...

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Runes Of Power

The wind came down from mountain could
And like a tide it roared and rolled
The branches groaned, the forest moaned
And leaves were laid upon the mould

The wind went on from West to east

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Ashen Cold

A grin and a word is his trade
From these his profit is made
Though his body is not tall and his courage seems small
His fame will take longer to fade

Beyond the ocean brews a battle
Beyond ...

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Who can find you clear springs of waters, but I can!
Who can tell you the age of the moon, but I can!
Who can call the fish from the depths of the see, yes I can!
Who can change the shapes of the...

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Mirdautas Vras

Brus-kuluz taurzur bûrzu tiil-ob
Hush-ob dhurum agh ufum dhurum
Tor Vautu brus-troguz
Urgai-u gukh dûmp agh tiimor

Talaan-u rûk-ir tor urûk
Nauru-ir agh kragoru nûrs...

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Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes

My star, I saw it high and far
At the parting of the ways
A light on the edge of the outer night
Like silver set ablaze
Where the round world plunges steeply down
But on the old roads goes
As ...

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The Glory Disappears

Yet, if the wind breathe soft, the curling waves
That break against the shore, shall lull my mind
And scorn against all enemies prepared
And with the food of pride sustained my soul
In solitude ...

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Like Some Snow-White Marble Eyes

How countless they congregate
O'er our tumultuous snow
Which flows in shapes as tall as trees
When wintry winds do blow

As if with keenness for our fate
Our faltering few steps on
To white ...

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Where Hope And Daylight Die

Still here I wake and I think of you
I see you far away
Answer my call
Can you hear my voice
I hear you

For we are gone and forever lost
Broken here I lie
Beneath the shadow sink
Where da...

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The Rotting Horse On The Deadly Ground

Wars of great kings and clash of armouries
Whose swords no man could tell, whose spears
Were numerous as wheat field's ears
Rolled over all the great lands, and seas

Were loud with navies, th...

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The Shadow Lies Frozen On The Hills

Farewell we call to the earth and hall
Though wind may blow so fast rain may fall
We must away ere break of day
For over wood, tree and mountain tall.

With foes ahead, behind us dread

84 песни

История в фотографиях (169)


40 лет назад в 1981 году была основана американская метал-группа Metallica. Игорь Старыгин - Арамис в поисках Правды. На съемках к/ф «Мушкетеры 20 лет спустя». Россия. 1990 г....

История в фотографиях (168)


Джаннет Лэнг, 50-ые. Молодой Аршавин в начале своего пути. Следы динозавра, раскопанные в русле реки Палакси. Техас, 1952....

История в фотографиях (167)


Солист панк-группы общается с молодежью, Белфаст, Северная Ирландия, конец 90-х. Бенедикт Камбербэтч, подрaбатывает официантом, 2001 год. Чарли Чаплин. Без котелка, тросточки и усов. Юн и свеж. США. 1...

История в фотографиях (166)


Фредди Меркьюри в ачешуительной шляпе, 1980-е. Гламурная красотка 50-х Мария Макдональд. Опал с кусочком неба. Найден в Квинсленде, Австралия....

История в фотографиях (165)


Джонни Депп с сигаретой и игрушечным пистолетом на съемках фильма «Сонная Лощина». Каскадёр Джон Дин на гвоздях, которые он установил в своей машине, для тренировки выносливости, 26 февраля 1981 года....