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If Your Love Cannot Be Moved

(feat. Kim Burrell)

You can't say we shall and not fight through hell
You can't say we will and not dare to deal
You can't shout out peace and then vanish in the crowd
You can't ride the storm w...

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Sweetest Somebody I Know

There is something on my mind that's in my heart written on my face
And it would behove me and my soul if I did state my case
And so as truth is real and real is truth this truly must be told
That ...

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Moon Blue

Moon blue, rivers of love you shine, Bathe me in light sublime
Flood me with all your glowing heart can give
Moon blue, memories bind like chains
When will you come again
I wait in darkness just f...

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From The Bottom Of My Heart

Me and my heart took a
Vow from the start and a
Vow to my heart I never break

Seasons may come and the
Seasons may go but know
Through every time and space
My love will always stay forever and...

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Please Don't Hurt My Baby

Such a happy couple love and some
Til man goes busy just for fun
Man gets the guilt, tells fun girl we can't no more
Fun girl says if you stop I'll tell her right now

Aah, please don't hurt my b...

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How Will I Know

(feat. Aisha Morris)

Is the answer in his eyes?
Is the answer in her smile?
Or in the words that you first hear her say
Is it in the nick of time?
First impression in your mind
Do you know it ...

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My Love Is On Fire

Look at how they stop and stare
As if they've never seen a heart in love
And though I see them I don't care
Cuz, I'm too busy thinking bout our love

Thinking about that each and every morning

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Passionate Raindrops

The day's been hot and sunny
Evening's about to take control
The sky is painting pictures
Stirring up love bliss in our souls
The breeze carries the fragrance
Of the sweetest symphony as it blows...

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Tell Your Heart I Love You

You lift me to the sky
When I'm flat on the ground
You put me on a high
When I'm all the way down
And when trouble comes around
Trying to blow up the spot
You look it in the eye and say "I think...

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Shelter In The Rain

When the lights are down
And the stage is bare
And no more magic's in the air
There's not a friend in sight to care
Your tears no one will share
I'll be your comfort through your pain
I'll be yo...

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So What The Fuss?

If I'm caught at a dance party without my dancin shoes
And everybody dances on my bare feet
Shame on me
If I'm mindin my business just doin the right thing
And you try to front me off in the stree...

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Can't Imagine Love Without You

Can you picture mother earth in the palm of your hand?
The entire universe as a tiny grain of sand
And it feels impossible to do
As I can't imagine love without you

Think of drinking every sea w...

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(feat. Aisha Morris)

Some people ask me why always on the bright side
When there's so much going on down the other side
It's like I live in a bubble with no trouble
And problems don't exist


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A Time To Love

(feat. India.Arie)

We have time for racism
We have time for criticism
Held bondage by our ism's
When will there be a time to love

We make time to debate religion
Passing bills and building p...

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

Like a fool I went and stayed too long
Now I'm wondering if your love's still strong
Oo baby, here I am, signed, sealed delivered, I'm yours

Then that time I went and said goodbye
Now I'm back a...

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I Was Made to Love Her

I was born in lil' rock,
Had a childhood sweetheart,
We were always hand in hand.

I was hightop shoes and shirt tails,
Suzy was in pig tails,
I know I loved her even then.

You know my papa d...

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Do I Do

When I see you on the street
My whole body gets weak
When you're standing in a crowd
Your love talks to me so loud
Girl, do I do, what you do, when I do my love to you

When I hear you on the ph...

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That Girl

That girl thinks that she's so fine
That soon she'll have my mind
That girl thinks that she's so smart
That soon she'll have my heart
She thinks in no time flat
That she'll be free and clear to s...

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Kiss Lonely Goodbye

Give me a chance to catch my breath
Cause I'm in a state of awe
Guess miracles do never cease
For we're back together now

Pardon me please if I pinch myself
So to know this is not a dream
As I...

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Love Light in Flight

Make me feel like paradise
Give me what I'm missing
Send me to the highest heights
Take me up and away

I've tasted love so many times
With something always missing
But I know that you got the ...

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