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I Will See You In Far-Off Places

Nobody knows what human life is.
Why we come, why we go.
So why then do I know
I will see you,
I will see you in far off places?

The heart knows why I grieve
And yes one day I will clo...

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Dear God, Please Help Me

I am walking through Rome
With my heart on a string
Dear God, please help me

And I am so very tired
Of doing the right thing
Dear God, please help me

There are explosive kegs

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You Have Killed Me

Pasolini is me
'Accattone' you'll be
I entered nothing and nothing entered me
'Til you came with the key
And you did your best but

As I live and breathe
You have killed me
You have k...

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The Youngest Was The Most Loved

The youngest was the most loved
The youngest was the shielded
We kept him from the world's glare
And he turned into a killer

Retrousse nose
Turned up and mischievous
Forget-me-not eyes...

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In The Future When All's Well

Armed with wealth and good health
The best of health
In the future when all's well
I will lie down and be counted
In the future when all's well

I thank you
I thank you with all of my h...

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The Father Who Must Be Killed

Stepchild, you have outlived your time
You represent embarrassment and failure
And the father who must be killed
Is the blight upon your blighted life
And his might is his legal right
To g...

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Life Is A Pigsty

It's the same old S.O.S.
But with brand new broken fortunes
And once again I turn to you
Once again I do I turn to you

It's the same old S.O.S.
But with brand new broken fortunes
I'm t...

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I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now

Warm lights from the grand houses blind me
Haves cannot stand have-nots
And my love is under the ground
Aye one true love is under the ground
And I'll never be
I'll never be
I'll never b...

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To Me You Are A Work Of Art

I live a life
I feel the pain
To sing this song
To tell the tale
I wish I never even heard the song
I see the world
It makes me puke
But then I look at you and know
That somewhere th...

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I Just Want To See The Boy Happy

Lord these words I beg of you
As I kneel down at my bed
Because soon I will be dead
Let's face it soon I will be dead
And I just want to
I want to see the boy happy
With some hope in his...

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America Is Not The World

America your head's too big, Because America, Your belly's too big
And I love you, I just wish you'd stay where you is

In America, The land of the free, they said, And of opportunity, In a jus...

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Irish Blood, English Heart

Irish blood, English heart, This I'm made of
There is no one on earth I'm afraid of
And no regime can buy or sell me
I've been dreaming of a time when
To be English is not to be baneful

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I Have Forgiven Jesus

I was a good kid, I wouldn't do you no harm, I was a nice kid, With a nice paper round
Forgive me any pain, I may have brung to you, With God's help I know, I'll always be near to you
But Jesus ...

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Come Back To Camden

There is something I wanted to tell you, It's so funny you'll kill yourself laughing
But then I, I look around, And I remember that I am alone, Alone. For evermore

The tile yard all along the ...

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I'm Not Sorry

On returning, I can't believe this world is still turning, The pressure's on, Because the pleasure hasn't gone
And I'm, Not sorry for, For the things I've done
And I'm, Not looking for, Just anyon...

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The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores

You must be wondering how, The boy next door turned out, Have a care, But don't stare, Because he's still there
Lamenting policewomen policemen silly women taxmen, Uniformed whores, They who wish to...

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How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?

She told me she loved me, Which means, She must be insane
I've had my face dragged in , Fifteen miles of shit, And I do not, And I do not, And I do not like it
So how can anybody say, They know ...

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The First Of The Gang To Die

You have never been in love, Until you have seen the stars, reflect in the reservoirs
And you have never been in love, Until you have seen the dawn rise, behind the home for the blind

We are t...

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Let Me Kiss You

There's a place in the sun, For anyone who has the will to chase one
And I think I've found mine, Yes, I do believe I have found mine, so

Close your eyes, And think of someone, You physically ...

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All The Lazy Dykes

All the lazy dykes, Cross armed at the palms, Then legs astride their bikes, Indigo burns on their arms
One sweet day, An emotional whirl, You will be good to yourself, And you'll come and join th...

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10 самых известных лысых женщин


Современный мир привык к классической женской красоте, но есть звезды России и Голливуда, которым даже с нестандартной внешностью удается покорять поклонников. Список самых ярких лысых артисток и их ф...

Звезды которые страдают от облысения


Хотя звезды и получают немалые гонорары, против некоторых проблем они бессильны. Многие российские, голливудские и мировые знаменитости страдают от облысения. ...

История в фотографиях (111)


Ума Турман в фотосессии Андреа Бланш для журнала Russh, 1985 год. Мадонна, 1984 год. Просто Боб Дилан. Около Бристоля, 11 мая 1966 года....

История в фотографиях (110)


Манекенщицы в новой форме стюардесс авиакомпании Pacific Southwest Airlines. США, 1960-е. Михаил Горбачев и Рональд Рейган с переводчиками. Николай Второй в униформе Шотландского королевского по...

Самые эпатажные образы Met Gala 2021 года


Минувшей ночью в Нью-Йорке состоялось одно из главных ежегодных событий в индустрии моды — благотворительный бал Института костюма музея Метрополитен Met Gala.

Предлагаем посмотреть на самые эпатаж...

История в фотографиях (109)


Moлодой Джeки. Наталья Седова, Фрида Кало и Лев Троцкий, январь 1937 года. Пабло Пикассо в шляпе и с револьвером, подаренным ему Гэри Купером. Канны, 1958 год....