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5 6 7 8

It's time to begin, so count it in.

5 6 7 8

My boot scootin' baby

is drivin' me crazy

My obsession from a western

- my dance floor date

My rodeo Romeo...

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It's time to begin now count it in ……

5 6 7 8

My boot scootin' baby is driving me crazy

My obsession for a western my dance floor date


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A Love To Last

I was so preoccupied

Couldn't see what was right before my eyes

A love that's meant to last

In misery my life was back to front

I turned it round and decided what I want

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After The Love Has Gone

Here we are, we're perfect strangers

After all this time there's no more you and I

But don't look for blame

We've come so far to different places

And now to try to live a l...

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All Over

All the thugs in the clubs get your cris on ice

all the Ladies in the club shake your body like dice

My kind of jam so we're doing it right

Yo, who got the inflow keeping it tight...

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Back to you

I know I hurt you baby and I'm sorry

But I'm back so don't you worry

Darling what can I say I couldn't keep myself away

I think it's time that we got back together

'cos we'...

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Best Friends Girl

Tonight she'll be waiting in the place

if she can get aay from a secret rendvous (secret rendvous)

we got to keep our heads down low theres places we can't go

cos we both know the...

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Better best forgotten

If only you read my mind

You'd see I was hurt inside

A thousand times I've told myself it's over (it's over)

But the story has just begun

And darling what's done is done

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Better The Devil U Know

Better the devil you know

Better the devil you know


Better the devil you know

Better the devil you know

Oh, oh

Say you won't need me no mor...

163 песни

Better The Devil You Know

Better the devil you know

Better the devil you know


Better the devil you know

Better the devil you know

Oh, oh

Say you won't need me no mor...

163 песни


Bittersweet memories

That's all i'll take with me

No matter what i know that ill get by


I watch the trees loose autumn leaves

I see them blowing in the br...

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I see the way you act, like you're nonchalant,

But there's no way to hide,

What's in your eyes what's going on,

I'm not imagining the message coming through,

So I'll just s...

163 песни


I see the way you act like you're nonchalant

But theres no way to hide

Whats in your eyes whats going on

I'm not I'magining the message coming through

So I'll just say the ...

163 песни

Careless Whisper

I feel so unsure,

As I take your hand,

And lead you to the dance floor,

As the music dies,

Something in your eyes,

Calls to mind a silver screen,

And all its ...

163 песни

Chain Reaction

You took a mystery and made me want it

You got a pedestal and put me on it

You made me love you out of feeling nothing

Something that you do, oh, oh

And I was there...

163 песни

Deeper Shade Of Blue

Into each life some rain must fall

i didn't know i would catch it all

the clear skies have gone

and you with them too

it's not the same now without you

i used to say...

163 песни


She was older

Older by years she was

All I've been dreaming of


Sure and so confident

She must have been heaven-sent

she looked at me smiling

163 песни

Hand On Your Heart

On the phone for hours at a time

Has your voice changed or is it a trick of the line?

All alone I’m losing my mind

Wondering what you’ll be doing tonight

I still fe...

163 песни

Happy Go Lucky

Love, all my love was yours

Of this I was so sure

I guess I never saw it coming baby

But now I'm over the surprise

I'm wearing this disguise

So everyone can think I'...

163 песни


Here I am just longing for you once again

If your arms would only let me in

You?d see the mess I?m in

I have dreamed your heart will come and rescue me

Oh Baby set ...

163 песни

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