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Don't fall asleep at the helm

I lost my heart, my home is the ocean.
The waves underneath will soon be my home.
I will fall asleep.
I'll close my eyes and dream of days when I wasn't all alone.

All that I know is gone

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If I'm James Dean, you're Audrey Hepburn

Stay for tonight
If you want to
I can show you
What my dreams are made of,
as I'm dreaming of your face
I've been away for a long time
Such a long time
And I miss you there
I can't imagine bei...

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All my heart

There's so many things that I could say
But I'm sure it would come out all wrong
You got something that I can't explain,
Still try and try and let you know

That first summer we spent's one

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Postcards and polaroids

Hey, I know it hurts to watch me leave
But say it ain't so, how could you ever replace me?
You're so shy when you wanna be standing in front of me
Mind spinning in circles, you're waiting to speak

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You made up your mind
Right before the sound can move
Softly from your lips
You leave behind
A choice which once before you thought you could not resist

You give what you ha...

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A trophy father's trophy son

Father, father, tell me where have you been?
Its been hell not having you here
I've been missing you so bad
And you don't seem to care
When I go to sleep at night, you're not there
When I go to s...

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Four corners and two sides


Tell me how has it taken so long for me to open up my eyes?

How has it taken so long for me to finally realize?

And when they all turn against you, you better be prepared to fight.

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Who are you now

Yeah, yeah

Don’t wake me up if I’m sleeping this life away
Tell me that I’ll never be good enough
Sometimes it hurts to think it could really be that way
It won’t be that way

I’m tired and I’...

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If you can't hang

Met a girl at seventeen
Thought she meant the world to me,
So I gave her everything,
She turned out to be a cheat
Said she'd been thinking for a long time
And she found somebody new
I've been th...

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Do it now, remember it later

Seen this place before
Back when I was young and I had something more to prove
Now that I'm older I've seen all the things that I want
And I'm ready to make my move

We'll stare straight-faced, d...

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Scene five - With ears to see and eyes to hear

True friends lie underneath.
The witty words I don't believe
I can't believe a damn thing they say anymore (anymore)

Lie! Lie! Liar!
Liar, you'll pay for your sins

Lie! Lie! Liar!
Liar, you'...

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Scene three - Stomach tied in knots

Oh, my stomach’s tied in knots
I’m afraid of what I’ll find if you want to talk tonight
Oooo Oooo
See the problem isn’t you, it’s me I know
I can tell, I’ve seen it time after time
And I’ll push ...

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Scene two - Roger Rabbit

Is there a right way
For how this goes?
You've got your friends
And you've got your foes
They want a piece of something hot
Forget your name like they forgot

Oh, ain't that something?

Some ...

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Scene one - James Dean & Audrey Hepburn

Stay for tonight
If you want to
I can show you
What my dreams are made of,
As I'm dreaming of your face
I've been away for a long time
Such a long time
And I miss you there
I can't imagine bei...

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The flame
The friction
It's the reason that we all become aware
And we change
For no reason
Some say it's better to fall asleep and disappear
It's time we finally look at what we've done
And wa...

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I've been thinking lately about you and me,
And all the questions left unanswered,
How it all could be.

And I hope you know,
You never left my head,
And if I ever let you down,
I'm sorry.


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These things I've done

I've been thinking now for a while
That you have got exactly what I need
When I see you stop and turning around
Goddamn, you got me shaking in my teeth
I can't afford...
The kind of love you sell...

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Déjà vu

You know I love it when your hair’s pulled back
Ugh, it drives me crazy
You know I love it when you look like that
Tell me what you want to do. Yeah.

You know I love to get the sheets messed up

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Hello. You have reached the voicemail of singer/songwriter Matty Mullins. He's currently away from the phone spending time with his supermodel wife or writing your next favorite record. Leave a messag...

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Should I use my heart or my head?
I wish that I could just replay the thoughts
of things I never said
Should I use my heart or my head?
I wish that I could just turn back the time or start over ag...

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