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New Generation

I sold my soul for you.
You cut my life in two.
Nightmares from what I've seen and where I've been
made me run from you again.

Controlling, Big Brothers eye.
Containment? I'd rather die ...

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Hittin' A Wall

Peel me like dead skin
Hate to the bone
I drag you through my field of thorns
And drop you like a stone

Hold me under water
Kick me to the curb
All my wolves are at your door
Take me at my ...

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Down From Underground

Building shrines to gods youll never know
praying for rain settling for snow.
Spinning out of times to beats impaired.
do you know your name do you even care?

Can you live your life starin...

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I have been here for so long I've carried all the wait
'til something pulls me underneath the tide.
Climb to where the air is thin so I can breath again.
still it makes me wonder deep inside.

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I Remember You Two

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
The wind would whisper and I'd think of you
And all the tears you cried, that called my name
But when you needed me, I came through
And when you needed me...

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One Light

Theres a sound in my head. Holy wine, breakin' bread
between time and what we said drifts the innocence we've shed.
In this moment there's day for a sad and broken babe.
there's a fracture ...

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Mouth Of Voodoo

You're testing my patience
I've got nothing but time
You'll never break down
The walls in my mind

Your fetishes are nothing more than a game
When I truly test your threshold of pain
Let me...

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See You Around

I never promised you the sunshine
you never handed me the moon
we're pulling threads out of our faded silver lining
we've grown out of our cocoon

The last train is leaving
there's nothing m...

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Thick Is The Skin

Eightball hanging overhead flushed out like Frankenstien
one more for the living dead thats not me this time
knocked down I've been down before yet still we bare the load
if I would want it ...

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I feel the things I said but never said how I felt
I know I waited much to long
could I get it in your head without a hit below the belt
looking back it seems that I went about it all wrong.


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Shallow Me (The Real You)

Everythings changed all ties are strained to say the least.
Concepts deranged

its just the way i see you i only see the real you

You cant shallow me.
I'm jagged as the pill you choke on ...

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Born A Beggar

As the day breaks through the doorway
and im still chained to this house
but you call me and i follow
and act like im so proud
still reading the sidewalk
and it smells like morning news

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Beat Yourself Blind

Give me a minute 'cause I'm wrapped in superstition
Pour me a chemical to take away the edge
Don't make up anything that's breaking all your fingers
Just slap around a bit of what it takes to pledg...

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Remains to Be Seen

Shy a quarters headroom
I saw the
Half-moon was burning down
Play with your reflection 'cause
And infection is going around

Dive head-on into me, dive head-on into me
Dive head-on into me, div...

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Into Another

Slowly I heal the love that's found it's way
Onto another path in times of change
Crossing a bridge unknown
Hoping our strength will hold
Should they both let go then let me lay
.....let me lay

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Is there a problem? the laugh of the rich man
Has got you crying poor
Are you as heavy as hell in a handbag
Or just a virgin whore?
If the weight of the world is on your shoulders
Then carry it f...

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Life comes and goes, quick as does the day
Greed, for those who know is just a step away
Time's a breathing bomb, going with the flow
Stand atop it all outside the status quo

No see, no speak th...

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Subhuman Race

Jesus knows my story, he knows the position that I'm in
A hooker knows the feeling to get fucked the way I've been
Turn my insides out; your mouth drank my water

You look at me like I'm...

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Breakin' Down

What was it you once said
That there would be things in life that couldn't be
Not for a second did I believe you
Not for a minute did I believe that

Within your need you lie alone
This empty sp...

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There are things we cannot see that hang
Within her sight
There are people we won't remember that
Dance with her at night

Eileen's calling me
To sit awhile and talk to trees
Eileen c...

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Кайли Миноуг, 1989 год и Принцесса Диана в день своей свадьбы с принцем Чарльзом, 29 июля 1981 года.


1947. США. Американская актриса Анджела Лэнсбери в молодости. Кайли Миноуг, 1989 год. Джейн Фонда и Ален Делон во время съемок фильма «Хищники» на Французской Ривьере, 1963 год. Катастрофа дирижабля «...

Джиллиан Андерсон для журнала Interview Magazine, 2020 год и Курт Кобейн протестует против дискриминации женских музыкальных коллективов


Джиллиан Андерсон для журнала Interview Magazine, 2020 год. Хеди Скотт - бельгийско-американская модель и актриса. Playboy Playmate июня 1965 г. Курт Кобейн протестует против дискриминации женских муз...

Татьяна Самойлова и Пабло Пикассо во время Каннского кинофестиваля, 16 мая 1958 год и Девочки Playboy приветствует Хью Хефнера в Лондоне, 1970 год


Девочки Playboy приветствует Хью Хефнера во время того , как его частный самолет приземляется в Лондоне, 1970 год. Шэрон Тейт демонстрирует недавно купленную детскую одежду, 1969 г. Дeбютный показ Ту-...