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Young Modern Station

Stalled at young modern station
Arthritic conversation
Life has a dead line lately
Allergic and in the news

The clocks are ticking timeless
Dead Dali days behind us
The band is back ...

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Straight Lines

Breathing from a hole in my lung
I had no one
But faces in front of me
Racing through the void in my head
To find traces of a good luck academy

Sparks ignite and trade them for thought

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If You Keep Losing Sleep

If you keep losing sleep over other lovers
If you keep losing me you’re gonna be bored
If you’re up chimney sweep under rubble covers
If you keep counting sheep and being adored


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Reflections Of A Sound

In the sun we are found to be
Reflections of a sound

I know it’s been far too long in stormy weather
My arrested hope won’t choke forever
Like a memory I needed never

We walk...

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Those Thieving Birds (Part 1)/Strange Behaviour/Th

Those thieving birds
Hang strung from an empty nest
This swan plagued pond
Foresaken and under whelmed
Those leaving words
Hang strong from an emptiness
Hang strong from an emptiness

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The Man That Knew Too Much

There was a man that knew too much
With a panic attic mind but a chance to numb
His golden touch to ignore the will of time
Had me struck down open to the fact
I was standing in a line wit...

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Waiting All Day

I took advantage
Of a straight believing town
That tore the bandage
And said look who’s bleeding now
Are you listening or are you faithless like the others
Long days are almost here

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Mind Reader

I heard a hole in the silence
I saw a crack in the plan but I got lazy ways
You’re not a private detective take off your telephone shoes
My thoughts going out of phase
And these are t...

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Have you ever been lost
Floating on the ground
Like a fading frost
You’ve fallen asleep
Next to your bed
And you feel so low
Oh they’ve stolen your pride
Stand up while your...

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Tomorrow will be another part of yesterday
And yesterday will be another part of the day before

Wait, I hear another song insomnia
About the days I wasn’t tired
And doing that “...

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All Across The World

Underneath the shelf cracks appear in thick enamel
In this laps excuse for wasting time
I wait for signals shooting stars
I’d scrape through every branch
Coz I need to come down


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I’m just another part of town
Internal bleedin' round and round

And all I can think of
Are ways to die alone
And all I can think of
Are ways to die alone

A portrait of my skeletal g...

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New Race

There's gonna be a new race
Kids are gonna start it up
I'm gonna mutate
Can't you say yeah, hah

Yeah hah, we're really gonna punch you out
Yeah hah, we're really gonna punch you out
Yeah hah...

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One, two, three, four!

Welcome! Nothing short of anarchy
It's so hard to find out who you wanna be
Welcome! Nothing short of anarchy
It's so hard to find out who you wanna be - oh!



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Ana's Song (Open Fire) [Acoustic]

Please die Ana
For as long as you're here we're not
You make the sound of laughter
and sharpened nails seem softer
And I need you now somehow
And I need you now somehow
Open fire on th...

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I can't release you,
You're a mad man,
Need help to,
Madman, Madman

You're tied to alcohol,
It starts to take its toll,
Madman, Madman
Oh, Madman, Mad

Mind filled with confusion,
Your l...

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I need to get out
There's something wrong 'round here
I have no doubt
We're all gonna die from fear

Everything's dark
And I cannot find
What I've been looking for
So I'd have to say I'm b...

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Fix Me


Someday, I'll feel no pain
Someday, I won't have a brain
They'll take away the part that hurts
And let the rest remain

Fix me, fix my head
Fix me please, I don't wanna be dead


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I was so wasted
I was a hippie, I was a burn out
I was a drop out, I was out of my head
I was a surfer, I had a skateboard
I was so heavy man, I lived on the street

I was so wasted
I was so ...

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Minor Threat

We're not the first, hope we're not the last
Cause I know we're all heading for that adult crash
The time is so little, the time belongs to us
Why is everybody in such a fucking rush

Make do w...

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Американская актриса и модель Криста Аллен, 2005 г. Вивьен Ли в 1951 году. Майкл Джексон и Мадонна на церемонии вручения "Оскара" в 1991 году....

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Брижит Бардо, фотосессия на крыше, 1952 год. Борис Ельцин и Джордж Буш-старший на территории Белого дома, 1992 год. ...

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Свадебное фото Анджелины Джоли и Бреда Питта. Пилот WASP (Женская служба пилотов Военно-воздушных сил США) Shirley Slade, 1943 год. Арнольд Шварценеггер позирует на Mr. Olympia, Нью-Йорк, 1974 год....

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Милла Йовович лакомится морепродуктами, 1996 г. Том Caвини на съемках "От заката до рассвета", 1996 год. Шон Бин и Элизабет Херли на съёмках "Враг Шарпа". 1994 год....