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Helter Skelter

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide

Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride

Till I get to the bottom and I see you again.

Do you, don't you want...

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Last night I was screaming stuff

I had been mistaken

All shaking, I just couldn't stop

You told me that I was going like


Well, lately I have come to s...

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Memory Man

Is it really a surprise to see you here acting all nice

What an actor you can be, talking smooth like vaseline

Like a castle I feel now, with you howling up my walls

This is worki...

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You should understand there's no way out

And you've got exactly what you asked for

Welcome to the world of sound,

Lesson one you don't walk out, oh no

It's a chance...

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Man With A Plan

Please wake me up

I can't be this dumb

Surely you learn in life

I spent some days

made a study of my ways

Keep me informed allright

You said ...

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Shoot it like a gun

For you've never been so wrong

You've been taken it too far

Only out to survive

And it's heavy to endure

Yeah we need a lifesupport

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Keep Eleven On

Well I surely can show you

Where you can go stuffing the rest of your memories

Another downer for the really down

We used to run around the secret cemetery

It had a chemist...

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Joy Dim

Like most kids I played with fire

On the railroad tracks I nearly died

Some pain inflicted upon myself

Not all trial and error brings succes I guess

All this time y...

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In Your Eyes

Hey, mister Moon shines too,

wanna figure out what I'm gonna do

First I'm gonna watch the stars, they are all around me

Tell me where you are

Hey, this is what ...

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In My Sequoia

I have been a lot like you, always knew

The answer to everything I ran into

I happened to change a bit, this is true,

While losing my grip on it, oh what is new

We ...

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I Took It Home

Well the lightning struck in the family

Kinda moved them to the cemetery now

I looked out for some information

And I can't sleep with the agitation going down

Yeah going do...

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Come on out, tell me again

Is it time to start the end

There was something going on

Gave some color to the world

But nothing's changed at all

It can all come...

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What have I told you?

Nobody ever shuts up

Rather than listen

They hear themselves talk

Godawful habit

Try to behave yourselves

Nothing the matter


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Hey Day

Hey, you know, this shiver I've got

It's part of a legacy

For all the times that I know

have never be good to me

But when you go and try to sort it out,

I'm kind...

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Before My Head Explodes

I go walking to the sun

Whenever I go wrong

Been going on too long

Please (I know) repeat it after me (I know)

This stuff that makes me see (I know)

You're b...

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Everybody Knows

Everybody knows there's a dream that makes us all feel good

Well I haven't had it for some time

I believe that it was something about love

But I cannot see the details anymore <...

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You have opened my eyes

I don't wanna see the dogs and their hungry smiles

It's very sad, I wanna get out

I don't have to build a future out of dry food and bones

Or very s...

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Child Of Winter

A child of winter

A child of the snow

I'm making a snowball

That someone will throw

I'm making a snowman

With charcoal for the eyes

A scarf draped in red

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You're like a firefly, trying hard to give a sign

And when it's getting dark you shine a light

Everybody always worked hard, we were pleased with ourselves

and someone took awa...

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Baby these are an awful lot of maybe's

Don't kid yourself, are you still hoping

I've got the devil on my side

He'll put a plan into my mind

Can you see the posse (m...

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