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May Today Become The Day

Rain drums the lifeless ground,
drops as cold as ice,
the dawn's breaking, the trench a-shaking.

Their fire hits us all around,
and the siren cries,
"Forward! Forward!"
We go into attack.

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The accusations and the blame,
true or false, they seem the same.
Filthy fingers, rise in rows
and out of shit a flower grows.

I'm amazed,
how damn low people can go only by being themselves...

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We Are But Falling Leaves

Think of your lifetime as one day,
it's fading away,
the shadows are growing long.

Think of existence as a flame,
and death as rain.
Storm clouds there right along.

At life's eve our fla...

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Her Last 5 Minutes

Must have been a week
since she drew the curtains down.
I don't know if it's night or day, and I don't care.

Our hope seem so bleak,
but she's pulling through somehow.
While I'm trembling in...

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Despair-Ridden Hearts

All bridges on fire!
As onward and onward we rid.
The smoke rises higher; higher...
Up the ever-darkening sky.

So quickly everything swirled;
descent of the world.
Now it's all a chaotic ru...

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Vengeance Is Mine

I am stunned, you caught me by surprise.
Assault and run, you outdid yourselfs.
Beaten numb, I didn't see you sneaking 'round the corner, how could I?
There is no sight in my third eye.


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A Long Way To Nowhere

Approaching the moment now.
A long, hard journey in its end.
It's starting to loom right now...
The final round, and then it hits you, it kicks you, it splits you in half.

All the toil and al...

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Consider Us Dead

Feel it... And how it's weighing in your hand.
Cold and loaded.
See it... Oh, how it's shining in my hand.
Cold and loaded.

I know I haven't got the balls to pull this through
and therefor I...

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Lower The Flags

He's gone, he is dead.
His remain upon the hearse ahead.
As silently we wander through the mist, he's free.

This is the end.
Your journey's over, night descend.
Below into the abyss, farewel...

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Drain Me

Always pretending to want you.
It's so easy to make you play my game.
Always deceiving to get you.
So goddamn easy to make you scream my name.

No remorse, no repent.
Still to you I'm heaven-...

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End Of The Road

Here we are, now lay the burden down.
We're coming to the end of our road.
Sorrowful, yet glorious somehow
to be humming these one last ode, so calm and still.

It wasn't all that bad, or was ...

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Konevitsan Kirkonkellot

There is only one way to come into this world
but so many ways to leave


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Cross My Heart And Hope To Die

Since your death
Everything has felt so meaningless and vain
that I've lost the will to live

Love, your death
Ripped my heart rigfht out and since you went away
Life's had nothing more to gi...

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Brief Is The Light

The bells again... someone has died
The bells of the end toll to remind
that life's but a race against time

At your back you'll always hear
The Chariot of Time hurrying near
The faster you r...

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Carpe diem...
Seize the day before your life fades away
Reach for the skies – for the distant sun
And keep on hiding from the gun

No! You need to sell your soul
for it's great to lose contro...

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Excuse Me While I Kill Myself

"How do you do? Have yourself a pleasant afternoon!"
Well, fuck you, too!
"Good night" is the one I choose for you!

– I'll kill myself:
I'll blow my brains onto the wall
– C U in Hell,
I wi...

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Blood & Tears

What is it that we're struggling for?
I don't quite see it anymore
Life kicks us in the teeth
Yet something makes us crawl back for more

Blood and tears upon the altars of our lives we shed

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You Are The One

You're the light at the end of the tunnel
The beacon fire in the dark
The glimmer of hope and truly the meaning of my life

I say this with all of my heart

You are the only one for me

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Guilt And Regret

Guilt and Regret, they are my two inbred brothers
Guilt and Regret
O god how I hate them both from the bottom of my heart

Guilt and Regret and me wake up into a brand new day
Guilt and Regret...

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The Luxury Of A Grave

On day zero my mother was expecting... the worst
And out of my father's ass I was born, feet first

"Oh, no"

The most horrendous piece of feces ever forced
To be disposed of is what I was c...

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