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Stay With Me A While

Somewhere in this universe of lost forgotten dreams
The silence weaves a tapestry of once enchanted themes
The shadows listen carefully and question what it means

For stories have lives of the...

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There In The Silence

Here on this night
Behind walls made of stone
Where no one can enter and
The dark dreams alone

But now someone's entered
The walls are defied
The shadows they watched
While the dark sympat...

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Do you see commissar
The night is darker
Do you think commissar
Their dreams are starker
Do you hear commissar
The night is breathing
Could it be commissar
We should be leaving
Now before th...

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I Seek Power

As the steam from the street starts to rise
The gutter whispers
That the moon like a child has arrived
The dark has missed her

And the light that she lends is a guide
Among her shadows

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Wheels keep turning
Blind desires
Core ambition
Never tires

Got an engine
Got intentions
No dissensions
Nothing to hide

Gotta' mission
Street munitions

Any road block
I believe

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Morphine Child

There's a thief on a summer's night
Across an ocean
Who sees another's life fading away

And of this life he writes
Without emotion
Then pushes it from sight
Somewhere faraway
To a distant ...

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The Rumor

What's the reason
For these scars that will never heal
Hearts that no longer feel
Eyes that can no longer see

What's the reason
For this child that will not survive
With all h...

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Man In The Mirror

There's a man that I used to know
And sometimes he still visits with me
When it's late and the alcohol's glow
Is nearly gone
And it's time to awaken

And he looks and he laughs at the sight

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Can you see the future
Though it's well disguised
Is the end so certain
That you've closed your eyes

Dark as the dark can be
Beckons eternity
Exits exist in life
As they do on this night

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Back To Reason

Standing all alone
I bled for you
I wanted to
Each drop my own

Slowly they depart
But fall in vain
Like desert rain
And still they fall on and on and on

Got to get back to a reas...

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When the night will gather darkness
And black clouds unadorned
Only poets, dreams and madmen
Will sail out into the storm


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The lights come on

The set is down
The curtain's flown away
To all you creatures of the night
I say it's time we play

We'll show you things

That in your life
You'd never dreamed you'...

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Turns To Me

Stands all alone
Looks in the mirror
And sees what she wanted to be

Safely unknown

To anyone near her
She sees what she wanted to see
And turns to me And turns to me

And turns to......

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For young and old
Are all alive
On that next beat

On which we ride

And that beat is such
A fragile thing
In both old men
Or youthful king

And that beat

Stands all alone you see ...

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Morning Sun

When you look at the morning sun

Do you see what I see
Or could I be the only one
Seeing just what I need

I envision a different man
Than the one I've become
Pray the ocean will understa...

227 песни

Another Way

Times were changing
Eighteen years and fading
Ain't a lot of time left to be a star

On an island

All alone and dying

Walk upon the water
But you won't get far

Dreams and visions

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Blackjack Guillotine

Blackjack guillotine
Razor sharp

Always clean
Gotta lie
Very wide
Once inside she knows what to do
She knows what to do

Skin tight

China white
Just another neon life
In the vein

227 песни

Paragons Of Innocence


Into night

Into day
Into I don't know you anymore

But I stand
Where you say
Thinking all the time you planned it

You've been gone away too long
Leaving us to carry on

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Complaint In The System

Welcome to the system
Here's the situation
It's a bit confusing
Welcome to the maze
Everybody sees what

Everybody wants to
Everyone avoids
Every other gaze

I will be your mentor

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Each man has a soul
That struggles to escape
And in the shallows of his dreams
We can often see its wake

For we all have our secrets
That we all keep deep inside
Away from light, in darkest...

227 песни

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