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Locked & Loaded

You're a hypocrite
What you say and do are not the same
Now you're to blame
And you're paranoid
To live will cost you
But to die is free
Oh yes, indeed

You've got a head full of lead

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And now the end begins
The world is dying from within
But the game is still the same
Just different players
To fuel the flames

Now is the time to shed our skin
And we must repent our sins

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Winds Of War (Invasion)

I can feel them, they're here
The howling winds of war
You can sense them
They are bad omens
You can see the death dealing hords

And for eons now
Since the dawn of time
Round and round it ...

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Crown Of Thorns

You've always shared the light
Although you could clearly see the sacrifice
Preaching wrong from right
Prosecution was the story of your life

The blood money paid
A kiss betrayed

To be c...

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The Bogeyman

Late at night I like to hide
I dwell inside the shadows
But I wasn't always this alive
Since you hung me from the gallows
You know I love the night
And I love the darkness
As I cruise along th...

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Beauty And A Beast

She takes my breath away
My lady is red
And I know the game she plays
Always living the red

She's got curves
To make a grown make cry
She blows my mind
I will make her mine
I will never c...

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Cracking The Whip

Well, you have always been too slow
And you have always been too late
You should have known oh so long ago
That your life is at stake

'cause you never could keep up
And you never read the si...

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Cherokee Warrior

You know what I'm talkin' about
Yeah that's right

Well, many years ago
There was a man
He was doing things
That no one could seem to understand

But those times were strained
Some things...

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Let The Good Times Roll

I'm casting pearls before the swine
I think I must be losing my mind
You trioed to leave me high and dry
Yes you nearly left me to die
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But your words, they ...

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Revelation (Drinking With The Devil)

You always hypnotized
But now I realize
That I have been drinking with the devil
Well, I must lift this curse
It went from bad to worse
My over flowing cup is filled again

It's so hard to t...

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No longer I roam on the shores that I love
The ship that I am sailing is lost at sea
Lord knows I long for the blue skies above
You know, home is where the heart is
Why can't you see?

But no...

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The Hunt

Now you look away
Onto the horizon
Kneel and pray
You better pray for your life
Piece by piece
It all becomes clearer
Now the chains are off
And the demons are here

See no evil
Hear no e...

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Russian Roulette

Well, beggars can't be choosers
But winners can be losers
Now you're all dressed up
With nowhere to go
Just let the good times roll
As the night unfolds
You're like a loaded gun
You're on the...

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Unleash The Fury

Once upon a time
So many centuries ago
The blind would lead the blind
To sell their souls
To be worshiping the dark
And to burn for eternity
With sacrifice of blood
The fools will bleed


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Razor Eater

You're a being of the darkest descend
You don't belong anywhere
You're always hungry, but never content
All of your sins, you could never bear
Now you're feeling good
But you're really dead

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Rise Up

You know I have seen the dark side
But evil is not my friend
And you know I'll die trying
Keep on trying to the end

You know I'm superstitious
But the devil never pays
My victory is delicio...

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Valley Of The Kings

Now we're on the journey
Back into darker times
Can you see the man made mountains
They were built for those divine
We walk into the twilight
In the land of the dead

When the gods walked th...

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Ship Of Fools

When the rats are bailing out
And you are just signing on
Then you turned and walked away
There is no love lost here, my friend

But you have made a great mistake
You ate the hook, the sink a...

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Living large, living free
Living the life that dreams are made of
Dying proud, dying free
Dying the death of heroes

But what you've done now
Makes me want to cry
You keep on pushing
Well n...

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You sacrificed
And worked all your life
But now you're
Bleeding, crying all for nothing
You waiting for that day
And you're always praying
For the gates
To finally ...

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