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Ladies And Gentlemen

Ladies and gentlemen please
Would you bring your attention to me?
For a feast for your eyes to see
An explosion of catastrophe

Like nothing you've ever seen before
Watch closely as I ope...

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Broken Sunday

I looked up at the stars tonight,
To see your face and to feel your presence now,
I need you here right now..
I came from a lonely place,
Windows strewn in my darkest hour now,
I need you ...

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Never Gonna Change

Just as sure as the sky is blue, and the ocean too
I've never lied to you
And I've never ever done anything that would render me untrue
But, (as) for you, I can't say the same
You have only ...

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One More Chance

One more chance to write the book,
And one more chance to take the stage,
One more chance to set the hook,
And one more chance to turn the pages,
One more chance to get it right,
And one m...

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Going Under

Pulling myself apart today,
To see whats underneath,
I analyse the things I say,
Its a mystery to me.

Why cant I be normal like everyone else?
Why cant I become something more than mysel...

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Life's a gamble and then you die,
No explanation or reasons why,
You hit the big stage up in the sky,
We'll see who burns and we'll see who flies,

Why am I here?
Lots of answers but noth...

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Black Sheep

I was born into a curse
An outlaw straight from birth
My mama danced around a fire
And pulled me from the dirt

I live out in the woods
I'm not misunderstood
Maybe you're thinkin' that ...

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Starting Over

Someday soon,
I'm gonna pull myself together,
Win or lose,
I'm starting over again..

Start this day,
Like any other day,
Fold my hands,
As I begin to pray,
Sometimes we,
Gotta th...

145 песни

Here With You

Just as sure as the sky is blue and the ocean too, I will never lie to you,
And I've never, ever done anything, that would render me untrue,
But for you I can't say the same, you have only bough...

145 песни

Rock & Roll Revolution

What's this monkey business going on today
You music business whores are all about just getting paid.
You throw your shit against the wall and see it doesn't stick.
Been tired of standin' roun...

145 песни

Bait & Switch

Back in the day, I dedicated my life to becoming a big rock 'n roll star.
Back in the day, I dedicated my life to becoming a bit rock 'n roll star.
I began to change, and I rearranged my life.

145 песни

One Night Only

I always wanted to be president, I always wanted to be Superman.
I ended up a fuckin' superstar.

I'm better off than either one of them.

I wanna take you to a higher place.
Say all the t...

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Survival Of The Sickest

1 2 3 4!

I'm the hand up Mona Lisa's dress,
I'm the smile on every criminal you'll ever acquit.
I'm the things you've done you'll never admit.
'Cause one hand is on the bible and the other...

145 песни

No Regrets, Vol. 2

All the pain that haunts me still.
And all the shame surrounding you, is now the past that I can't kill.
Forever wrapped around me.
And all the sadness was your life, are now the things that I...

145 песни

Two Steps Back

I see the end of every book I've ever read.
I see the price of everything I ever said.
I feel the break in every rule I've ever bent.
And I hear the sound of all the voices in my head.


145 песни

Open Eyes

Miles and miles of cold and lonely road.
And now I'm standin' here alone.
And all the truth that I've been told, begins to perfectly unfold.
And was it wasted time and was it all for nothing. ...

145 песни

Fuck All Y'All

Heres a little story that needs to be told, about the devil doing business in the fiery hole.
Here's a little story that's oh so oh so true, about the fame and the money and the lawyers too.


145 песни

I Want You

I thought this was a perfect love affair.
Not like the other ones, not like the other ones.
But now I think I see things pretty clear.
Just like the other ones, just like the other ones.


145 песни

Carry On

I found a treasure in you, a black coal diamond in the rough.
I chipped away to find out, that there was nothing here.
Nothin' like I thought.

I learned that lesson slowly, over seven years ...

145 песни

Razor's Edge

Walking on Razor's edge, so hard for me to find my way home.
How could it have come to this?
So hard to pick the right from the wrong.

I can't try to hide behind myself anymore.
I can't tr...

145 песни

Как выглядят дети российских олигархов


На «золотых наследниках» уже с пеленок лежит ответственность за развитие и продвижение семейного дела. Между тем эти молодые люди не всегда готовы продолжить начинания отца и иногда выбирают самостоят...

Сколько стоят хиты российских исполнителей


Еще с советских времен мы помним, что песня должна быть такой, чтобы «душа развернулась, а потом обратно завернулась». Искрометный репертуар рождает синглы, которые затем дарят знаменитости популярнос...

История в фотографиях (25)


И сново в нашей подборке про милых дам. Изобретательница современного бюстгалтера и Принцесса Маргарет принимает ванну. Коллин Стэн провела в гробу 7 лет. Одри Хепберн со своим домашним любимцем....

История в фотографиях (24)


В подборке мы увидим единственную фотографию участника Бородинского сражения в возрасте 117 лет, мы вам покажем мператрицу Японии с подружками в детском саду. Трон Ивана Грозного и пороховой будильник...