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Lovers Rock

i am in the wilderness

you are in the music in the man's car next to me

somewhere in my sadness

i know i won't fall apart


when i need to be rescued

and i need a place to s...

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All About Our Love

Its all about our love

So shall it be forever

never ending

After all this time

After all is said and done

We have seen some

suffering baby

It has not always been perfect


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By Your Side

You think I'd leave your side baby?

You know me better than that

You Think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees?

I wouldn't do that.

I'll tell you you're right when you want...

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Every Word

i saw a picture

how could you be so careless

how could you have done that

to us

and i write this letter

i send it all back to you

and every word you said

in there every word


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Ooh baby mm

When you hold me

Oh Oh

When you hold me the sound

Is it possible I could feel this

good I could really love you

the way I do

Is it possible I would feel this


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coming from where he did

he was turned away from

every door like joseph

to even the toughest among us

that would be too much

he didn't know what it was

to be black

'til they gav...

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It's Only Love That Gets You Through

girl you are rich

even with nothing

you know tenderness

comes from pain

it's amazing how you love

and love is kind

and love can give

and get no gain

it's down a rugged road

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King Of Sorrow

I'm crying everyone's tears

And there inside our private war

I died the night before

And all of these remnants of joy and disaster

What am I suppose to do

I want to cook you a soup th...

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Slave Song

i see them gathered see

them on the shore

i turned to look once more

and he who knows me not takes me to the belly

of darkness

the tears run swift and hard and when they fall

even ...

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Somebody Already Broke My Heart

You came along when I

needed a saviour

Someone to pull me

through somehow

I've been torn apart so

many times

I've been hurt so many

times before

So I'm counting on you now


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The Sweetest Gift

Quietly while you were asleep

The moon and I were talking

I asked that she'd always keep you protected

She promised you her light

That you so gracefully carry

You bring your light and...

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Cherish The Day

Words: Sade Adu

Music: Sade Adu, Andrew Hale and Stuart Matthewman

You're ruling the way that I move

And I breathe your air

You only can rescue me

This is my prayer

If you we...

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Hang On To Your Love

Hang On To Your Love

(Adu - Matthewman)

In heaven's name why are you walking away

Hang on to your love

In heaven's name why do you play these games

Hang on to your love

Take time i...

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Is It A Crime

Is It A Crime

(Adu - Matthewman - Hale)

It may come, it may come as some surprise

but I miss you

I could see through, all of your lies

But I stll miss you

He takes her love, but it...

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Words: Adu Music: Adu, Matthewman

Jezebel wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth

She probably had less than every one of us

But when she knew how to walk she knew

how to bring...

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Kiss Of Life

Words: Sade Adu

Music: Sade Adu, Paul Denman, Andrew Hale and Stuart Matthewman

There must have been an angel by my side

Something heavenly led me to you

Look at the sky

It's th...

139 песни

Like A Tattoo

Words: Sade Adu

Music: Sade Adu, Andrew Hale and Stuart Matthewman

He told me sweet lies of sweet loves

Heavy with the burden of the truth

And he spoke of his dreams

Broken by t...

139 песни

Love Is Stronger Than Pride

Words: Sade Adu

Music: Sade Adu, Andrew Hale and Stuart Matthewman

I won't pretend that I intend to stop living

I won't pretend I'm good at forgiving

But I can't hate you


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Never As Good As The First Time

Never As Good As the First Time

(Adu - Matthewman)

Good times they come and they go

Never going to know

What fate is going to blow

You're way just hope it feels right

Sometimes it ...

139 песни

No Ordinary Love

Words: Sade Adu

Music: Sade Adu and Stuart Matthewman

I gave you all the love I got

I gave you more than I could give

I gave you love

I gave you all that I have inside

And yo...

139 песни

История в фотографиях (482)


Орнелла Мути, 1970-е. Жан-Клод Ван Дамм и Карл Уэзерс на съемочной площадке «Хищника». 1987 год. Сигурни Уивер и кот на промо фотографиях к фильму "Чужой", 1979 год....

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Галь Гадот во время службы в Армии обороны Израиля. 2005-2006 годы. Анджелина Джоли, 1991 г. Кольцо с замком, Италия, XVI век. Уинстон Черчилль с сыном Рандольфом и внуком Уинстоном в коронационном од...

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Мoдель "Cтатуи Свoбоды" 36-лeтняя Изабeль Бoйе, Лив Тайлер, 1996 г. Жан-Клод Ван Дамм в Каннах. Франция, 1993 год. Траурная одежда графа Магнуса Браге на похоронах шведского короля Карла XIV Юхана, 18...

7 умерших актеров фильма Василия Шукшина «Калина красная».


Драматический фильм «Калина красная», постановщиком которого стал Василий Шукшин, вышел на экраны в 1974 году. Лента стала единственной работой известного режиссера, снятой на цветную кинопленку, и за...

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Принцесса Монако Грейс, 1966 год. Барбара Брыльска в молодости, 70-ые. Легендарный джазовый трубач Чет Бейкер с женой Халемой, Калифорния, 1955 год. Бритни Спирс, конец 1990-х...