We Love Your Apathy

the sweeter the taste i love it
eaten your gutted spine
all of your thoughts i have them
spitting them out, sublime

(cos') i am the god of power
political to the core governments
roll theirs heads out the beast
always wants some more

i love it, he loves it
we love your apathy
we crush your, lame spirit
we love your apathy

i have the information
(that) keeps you from knowing me
i abuse you, as you watch me
and you always vote me in

the poorer you are the better
that gives me more control
c'os i am the brute that hates you
(and i'm) loving it to the bone
why don't you wait till you bleed
why don't you wait for the cause

and i'll and i'll
and i'll and i will watch you
i'll wait, i'll wait, for you i'll wait, i'll wait, for you