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40 Kinds Of Sadness

Two days chasing me around
I go crazy when you're outside of my world
When you're outside of my world
No sounds singing me to sleep
I don't want the room to breathe
Just be with me

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All Night Train

Nothing blinds you like the sun
But when you stare into his eyes
Nothing finds you like someone
Whos the devil in disguise

Well girl you keep me rollin' on
Like an all night train


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Always Come Back To You

I've got no time to give
Cause it's now or never
Cause the way I feel
It won't last forever
When you're at that point in life
It just has to be tonight

It's a long, long road
But I'll ...

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Blind Sight

Life, its crazy how some things never work out,
But I'm hoping that this time goes right,
Cause I've tried so hard
to keep you hanging on this life,
But you always have to try and fight

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Echo Park

Today it rained in L.A.
Smog's been beaten down for awhile
Drove up a hill where I could feel the ocean...
And see for miles
Feels like the top of the world
Right here the world's all mine

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In the backseat of a yellow taxi
Feel your heart beat
Deception is intense
You think I didn't know
It's like Bombay traffic in my mind
Having to keep up with all your lies
You think I didn...

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Exit To Exit

Was it the little things I left unsaid?
The thoughts are wrapped around my head, in love, in life
Could it be our time was incomplete
Someone thats just bent to need enough inside

And i've l...

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Fall Baby Fall

If you just have faith
To let me be the man that I am
I'll always run back
To show you what words never can

I don't want to be the one
just to love then lose

Let 'em fall baby fall

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Find Your Way

I need a lover
Who keeps me warm inside
She can discover
Anything she likes
She can pray that she could break a lot of things
like my heart

I'm sinking slowly
I see your face
It's ev...

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From The Start

Tell me what you need
You know it's on your mind
You say he's usually
Screwin' up your life
He's always gone
When you need to talk
It's just so wrong
I wish you'd wonder

Love is it e...

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Hit Me With Your Light

Hit me with your light
I'm lost without your help
me find the right way out
I miss the way it was
Can anybody hear me
Crying out for love
me like a newborn baby
I can only dream

Hit ...

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Breakin it down again
I don't need conversations
I've been working it out in my head
I can't find consolations

I'm tired of the sound of love breaking up in me
I'm sick of hearing words th...

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How Bout Tonite

Oh, maybe I'll build a rocket and fly myself up
To the moon all for nothing, nothing at all
Maybe I'll come in contact
Contact with somebody new, it'd be nice

How about tonight, it's all you...

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I Know What It Feels Like

So you're back for more
But your face is on the floor
And you can't move on
Try to tell yourself there's nothing wrong

It's kind of hard to see you like this
Stuck in a world that doesn't ...

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I See Love

There's a little boy on a city street
Running scared on blistered feet
Feels like life won't get much better

Little did he know, there would be a day
She would come along, make everything ok...

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I Shoulda Kissed U

Tried to forget
I'm sick of regret
I can't please them all
The winter you left
We sat on the steps
The scene, it repeats in my head

I'll leave the light on for you
I didn't know...

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I Will

Do you ever wonder if we were not friends?
I know it's hard to ponder,
but there's reasons for that, yeah
I can't go on without you,
it's burning inside of my head,
but I feel so alone witho...

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I Will Remember You

8 years later
time goes by fast
got my memories
and they will last
i try to keep it simple
cause i hate goodbyes
and i try to keep it simple
by telling myself that
I Will remember...

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Middle of the night and it's getting so hard to breathe
You can't sleep, can't think, can't hardly dream
Do you fear what the world wants you to be?
Open your eyes and just see what the world is...

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In Between Lights

Hey there, it's nice to meet you
Happy to see you doing so well
Smiling in every picture
Not me, I feel like hell
Hey man, must be nice to be you
Tell me what it's like on the other side

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