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Draw The Line

Glowing fire deep in your heart
Cry of freedom ready to start
Times of darkness' pushing the line
Take a stand now tight here on time

These words on the wind
Revolution's back again
This ti...

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Angel Of Mercy

Coating evil plans in a world of shaking hands
Trying hard to feed the fire, keeping strife alive

Man kept in the dark
with the force of breaking hearts
Quarrel of every kind
to confuse and ...

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Skeleton Dance

In the year of global changes, harvest's fast
Ringing in the final landslide, hardest test

Overnight a sudden storm wind, blowing red
Steely titans on a mission, flinging lead

Here comes t...

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Skull & Bones

Purple clouds on the horizon,
raging waves could touch the sky
On the wind a certain howling,
whipping bow will ride on high

Waving flag is nearly tearing,
the braces hold on tight
"All han...

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Born Bad, Dying Worse

Born with that evil smile
Don't waste no time
Filling up your file
Crossing the line

Blood is your sugar poison
Filling up your soul

Born liar, evil fire
Black blood is filling your vei...

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Black Gold

The world is on fire, hunting for oil
A handful of liars dividing the spoils

Bullshit is walking with a whole bunch of lies
When money is talking, reality dies

They came with a lie, feedin...

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Soul Vampires

Lifeforce's getting sucked out like our blood
Vampires taking everything we've got
They want us to live our lifes in fear
They want us to build a perfect gear

Vampires on our soul

We want...

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Rogues En Vogue

Once there was a promised land
Spoiled by fatal hands
It turned into a pyre
Burning high and bright

World wars, crisis, famine, cashing in all along
Slaves to bloody profit, determined to do...

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Winged & Feathered

Gods & warriors
In a long agone age
Tragic & glorious
Where fate turned the page

Time was mythical
Mount Olympus alive

Spreading his wings to fly
Touching the golden sky
Fury against t...

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Dead Man's Road

Loudest madness, silent sadness
Bedlam, raving mad
Frustration on the nation
Entertainment all the way

Perfect plastic, orgasmatic
Silicone valley on two legs
No meaning, TV-screening

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The War

I wanna tell a story
Of worldwar No. 1
How lies of "death or glory"
Feeding on the gun
"This is the war of intrigues
This is the war of pain
This is the 'One world order'
Where every truth is...

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(Limited Edition Bonus Track)

Sailing fast,we fly on wings
We live by sea, We play extremes
Stormy winds,to lead the boat
To unknown shores,to sooth are hope

We stand tight in the darkest...

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Genghis Khan

He was just a gentile man
It was his love to grind
He didn't know the fear
He never had to hide
He loved the glance of metal
And the smell of blood
The flame of badness burned inside him

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Prisoners Of Our Time

Paint in subways
Paint in busses
With your Edding big black pentagrams
Black metal graffitis are thrown against the wall
Crucifixes are inversed
Pictures are signed by the triple six
Black met...

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Branded And Exiled '03

Red hot iron heated by living coal
Ready for branding to strike his goal
The torrid cast iron marks the leather
To banish the renegade from now on forever

Many relocated all across the land

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Mordor '03

In the centre of the empire of darkness
Black fortress stands might and proud
The shelter for the traced and tortured
For the one who's damned
A dragon is watching for fortress
Black knights ar...

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Raise Your Fist

Friday night, dressed to kill, hell bent for the show
Shiny leather like a second skin, ready for their first row
You want to go meet your pals, but your dad won't let you go
He's to tally blind,...

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Port Royal

"Hey, where am I?"

"You wanna know where you are? Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaa! In Port Royal!!"

Hundred masts, thirty flags
An island in the gulf of Darien
Sandglas, bloody heart
Flying high above t...

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Exploring the seas to conquer new lands
Troops arrayed by the church
Sanctified and blessed they set out
Crusaders, gentiles scourge

They fight, they kill, they rape
Under the banner of the ...

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Riding The Storm

Breaking the waves, a ride on the wild raging sea
Playing with fortune, oh, what a lust to be free
Flashlights and thunder, the pattering rain on the hull
From a stormy horizon we get our course

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"Танец будущего" Айседоры Дункан


Айседора Дункан, великая танцовщица, жена поэта Сергея Есенина вошла в историю не просто как танцовщица, она по праву считается реформатором танца. Ее движения рождались из музыки и эти пластичные дви...

Как снимали "Приключения Буратино"


Почему Фаина Раневская отказалась от роли черепахи Тортиллы, что больше всего пугало на съемках исполнителя главной роли Диму Иосифова, как страдал Пьеро и почему режиссер не мог подобрать актера на р...