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Warlocks in wonderland
I've gotta megatropolis in my hand
And a... subterranean marching band
Makin' noise for the boys in the Vatican
And a

A little package and off we go
Oh..... ticky ti...

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Stadium Arcadium

Bells around St. Petersburg
When I saw you
I hope I get what you deserve
And this is where I find
Smoke surrounds your perfect face
And I’m falling
Pushing a broom out into space ...

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Storm in a Teacup

Come on come on baby
Let me show you what I'm talkin' about
You try to be a lady
But you're walkin' like a sour kraut

Looka looka lika lika
Like you want to get some

If you never tell a ...

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Strip My Mind

Arthur J did indicate
The boulevard would never be
So full of love and life again

Hot as Hades early eighties
Sing another song and make me
Feel like I'm in love again

Please don't s...

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Tell Me Baby

They come from every state to find
Some dreams were meant to be declined
Tell the man what did you have in mind
What have you come to do

No turning water into wine
No learning while you're ...

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Torture Me

Because I'm happy to be sad
I want it all I want it bad
Oh-oh-it's what I know

A vintage year for pop I hear
The middle of the end is near
Let's go-it's what I know


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So Much I

Next stop on the KLM
Two lips and a sturdy stem
A funny thing always happen when
I get a heavy jam
I'm gonna turn it into hydrogen
I I, I I, I I, I I I I, I

Cowgirl and a troubadour
MGM ...

505 песни

Turn It Again

Some of us get a little
And some a lot
We've got to make due
With what ever we got
We get it hot we cool it down
And then we pass it around

You can dance
For the sake of a golden day

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Snow (Hey Oh)

Come to decide that the things that I tried
Were in my life just to get high on

When I sit alone come get a little known
But I need more than myself this time

Step from the road to the s...

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Slow Cheetah

Wakin' up dead inside of my head
Will never, never do
There is no med
No medicine to take
I've had a chance to be insane
Asylum from the falling rain
I've had a chance to break

It's so ba...

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Wet Sand

My shadow side so amplified
Keeps coming back dissatisfied
Elementary son but it's so...

My love affair with everywhere
Was innocent why do you care
Someone start the car
Time to go... you...

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We Believe

The curtain
Is open
A head to
Put dope in
Now we will
Come clean it
The future
We've seen it
No, no I know, I said, no no

It's like a dream
That falls away
Into the night
Where we can ...

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She's Only 18

She's only 18
Don't like the Rolling Stones
She took a shortcut
To being fully grown

She got that moodring
Her little sister Rose
A smell of Springstein
A Pair of pantyhose

This ...

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She Looks To Me

Looks to me like heaven sent
No lullaby kid no 5%

Any way you want to cut that cake
She's dying from the likes of abandonment

Lost in the valley without my horses
She needs somebody to hold...

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21st Century

All the creatures, on the beaches
Makin' waves in the motion picture

Wont you keep this inbetween us
Search and seizure, Wake up Venus

The dollar bill will mentally ill bill
Mom and dad tak...

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And if i had a clue I'd know exactly
What to do
If I were the wiser of the two

And if I saw all so clear
I'd write it down and bend your ear
If i were the clearer of the two

We could...

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Make You Feel Better

She's the one, she's the only one
She's got nipped black light gonna make me come I said
When I smile I mean really smile
I got dreams so wide like a country mile I said

Now I'll take i...

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Animal Bar

Never 21 when everyone's a sailor
Coming up strong at the animal bar
Ever loving mug of Mr. Norman Mailer
Turn another page at the animal bar
And it won't be long
No it won't be long

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Readymade, readymade
Steady as the rhythm rolls
Readymade, readymade
And this is how the story goes

I've gotta cousin making beats
Deep down in Arizona

We're gonna rocket to Ramone...

505 песни

Especially In Michigan

Life is my friend
Rake it up to take it in
Wrap me in your cinnamon
Especially in Michigan
...well I could be your friend

White clouds I'm in
A mitten full of fisherman
C'mon huckleberry ...

505 песни

Одри Хепберн в фильме "Засекреченные люди", 1952 год и Самый первый выпуск "Последний герой", 17 ноября 2001 года.


Сухаши Горадиа Дхами Джайшил — индийская модель и киноактриса, снимающаяся в индийских телесериалах, 2013 г. 29-летняя Мэрил Стрип на репетиции театральной постановки «Укрощение строптивой», 1978 г. С...

Джина Дэвис на Золотом глобусе 1992 года и Порнозвезда Чиччолина на заседании Парламента Италии. 1990-е годы


Порнозвезда Чиччолина на заседании Парламента Италии. 1990-е годы. Джина Дэвис на Золотом глобусе 1992 года. Владимир Ульянов в возрасте 4 лет со своей сестрой Ольгой. Симбирск, 1874 год....

Патрик Суэйзи со своим четвероногим другом, 1980-e и Джаред Лето и Роберт Дауни Младший, 1998 год


Дерзкая Наталья Ионова, 2009 г. Немецкая актриса Настасья Кински, 1982 год. Маколей и Киран Калкины, 1991 год. Патрик Суэйзи со своим четвероногим другом, 1980-e. Мэй Macк - мать Илона Мacка, 1969 год...

Элегантная Ясмин Гаури, 1995 год и 10-я княгиня Монако Грейс Келли в день своей свадьбы с букетом ландышей, 19 апреля 1956 г.


Пpaздновaниe Xeлоуинa y Keннeди, 1961 гoд. Королева Великобритании Елизавета и принц Эдвард. Великобритания. 1970-е. 10-я княгиня Монако Грейс Келли в день своей свадьбы с букетом ландышей, 19 апрел...