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(James H. Blackmon/Carl J. Vipperman)

Operator please connect me with Nineteen-Eighty Two

I need to make apologies for what I didn't do

I sure do need to tell her that I ...

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1982 By James H Blackmon and Carl J Vipperman

Operator, please connect me

With 1982

I need to make apologies

For what I didn't do

I sure do need to tell her

That I've thought the whole thing through

And n...

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A Gift Of Love

When you were born

There in your mother's arms

An angel told me always you will be

A gift of love from God to me

Though your road is long

I'll be right by yo...

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A Heartache In The Works

(Chet Biggers/Melba Montgomery)

This ole heart of mine

Is now showing signs

From the wear and tear of times

You have taken it and crushed it

Then came close ...

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A Little Bitty Crack In Her Heart

(Shawn Camp/Jim Rushing)

Shattered inside and scattered around

Were pieces of her broken heart

I gathered her up, the pieces I found

I put her back together like a ...

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A Little Left Of Center

(Steve Dale Jones/Billy Henderson)

I walk in the rain and whistle a tune

I talk to the man up there in the moon

I know I may sound like somebody gone insane

I'm a f...

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A Point Of Light

there is a point when you cannot walk away.

when you have to stand up straight and tall

and mean the words you say.

there's a point you must decide just to do it cause it's right....

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An Old Pair Of Shoes

I've walked a million miles across this floor

But I never have quite made it to the door

I never thought the time would come

I'd ever see this day

When you could make me fe...

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Ants On A Log

(Skip Ewing/Donny Kees)

Ants on a log

Floatin down a river

Runnin around

But not gettin anywhere

Powerstearin wheels

Just ain't connected

And w...

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(Ronnie Scaife/Phil Thomas)

Id do anything if youd just let me hold you

I'd do anything to change your mind

Climb the highest moumain or swim the deepest ocean


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Are We In Trouble Now

(Mark Knopfler)

It wasn't just the music

It wasn't just the wine

Some other kind of magic

Sending shivers up my spine

And I was falling

And I fell for...

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Before You Kill Us All

(Keith Follese/Max T. Barnes)

Must be doin' something wrong baby I don't know

But the gold fish are floating at the top of the bowl

And the dog he won't eat he just lay...

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Better Class Of Losers

(Randy Travis/Alan Jackson)

I'm getting out of this high-rise penthouse suite

Where we pretend life's rosy and sweet

I'm going back to the folks that I used to know


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Day One

(Max D. Barnes/Jimmy Yeary)

Cold house

Just before dawn

Oh my God

This feels so wrong

Clouds roll in

And cover the sun

A new day begins


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Deeper Than The Holler

(Paul Overstreet/Don Schlitz)

Well I've heard those city singers singin 'bout how they can love

Deeper than the oceans higher than the stars above

Well I come from the cou...

272 песни

Deeper Then The Holler

Paul Overstreet / Don Schlitz )

I've heard those city singers singing

'Bout how they can love

Deeper the the ocean

Higher then the stars above

Well, I come f...

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Forever And Ever Amen

You may think that I'm talking foolish

You've heard that I'm wild and I'm free

You may wonder how I can promise you now

This love that I feel for you

Always will be


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Future Mister Me

by John Lindley/R. Travis

I didn't come in here to fight,

I didn't come to ruin your night,

I came to see the Future Mister Me.

I didn't come to mess things up,

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Gonna Walk That Line

(Jamie O'Hara/Kieran Kane)

I never been too good at doing right

Done mostly wrong most all my life

I never found a place to settle down

Baby I do believe I found it...

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Good Intentions

(Randy Travis/Marvin Coe)

Mama always prayed that I'd be a better man than daddy

And I determined not to let her down

Deserted by the man she loved and left to raise four ...

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