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Pit Bull Fights

[story of Lex Diamond carried over from Intro]

Pit bull fights, niggaz is bustin the lights
Undercovers gettin killed for drugs - yo
Fiends is basin, runners is licensed to fight

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King of Kings

[Intro: Havoc (Raekwon)]
Let's go (Yeah, nigga)
Good lookin' Rae that's what I'm talkin' 'bout
(It's all good don't worry about it)
You feel what I'm sayin'? (Don't worry about it)
Yeah (Word...

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Missing Watch

[Intro: Raekwon (Polite)]
Oh shit! Fuck is my watch at?
Shit... what the fuck?
Nah man, nah man, hell nah
These bitches is frontin
The fuck the shit go?
Them drug gangstas.
Yo son, you got ...

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All Over Again

"Yes, I got you started, yes, I got you started!"

[Intro: Raekwon]
Uh... yeah..
This is on some Can It Be/C.R.E.A.M. shit, right here, too
Yeah, word up, take it there for these niggas, you...

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Clientele Kidd

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo straight up last minute, you know what time it is
Word up, yeah, yeah, yeah
Word up, blip blip blap blap blap
What up?

[Hook x2: Polite]
Who don't know? They don't know...

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Smith Bros.

[Intro: Raekwon]
Take it back 1993, '94 or something
Yeah, runnin' through the stairs and shit
Trynna to get to the roof
Narcotos is on, some other shit

[Chorus 2X: Raekwon]
My niggas won'...

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[Intro: Polite (P.C.)]
Eh yo.. eh yo.
{*speaking normally*}
Ice Water (yeah yeah)
Don't get it twisted
We'll shoot yo' ass, nigga
Haha (P.C., nigga, P.C.)
Y'all mothafuckas go...

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Pa-Blow Escablow

[Chorus 2X: Raekwon]
Hug your right hand, jumped off the plane, kissed the white man
A steady act, curly hair, chubby, fly mustache nigga
Money was long, and plush hat, shit cost nine thousand

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Musketeers of Pig Alley

Crack that pineapple open
Vision of break faces, gettin' money lay in the boats
Got big rifles, play the hood, ride Benz cycles
Y'all mens are psycho, Killah Hill 'ciples
More fly gen...

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Ice Cream Pt. II

[Intro: Raekwon]
This is little Kane though
His little sobrero
(The Ice Water joint is back mothafucker!)
(Check out this shit)
Yeah uh-huh (What?)
Eh yo.. eh yo eh yo

[Chorus: Raekwon]

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The Hood

[Chorus: Tiffany Villareal]
Some day, I know you'll be far away
I'll be right here to stay, give me one day
Baby, baby, don't, run away, come see me
Some day, I'll be right, here today, just giv...

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Planet of the Apes

[Intro: Capone]
I just had to say that right there Rae
I just have to say you my nigga, understand?
It don't get no realer than this, man
Let's slow the fuck down
You gettin' like a hundred w...

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Wyld in Da Club

[Intro: P.C.]
Don't take it per-son-al.. it's only mu-sic
Holla at me.. yo! Yo!
Ice Water! Yo.. yo.

Try me, P.C.'ll put a clip in a nigga
Fuck a hole, my bullets'll dig a ditch in a n...

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Once Upon A Time

[Intro: Raekwon (Tekitha)]
Chill, nigga, chill.
Get some rest, man, come on, man
Stop playin' wit' me, man
(ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhh)

[Chorus: Tekitha]
Lately... I had a love that would ig...

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Yo, we came long ways but we got on
Yo, holdin' my son's arm
Make it through the industry calm lord
His name rakim allah
Wid a wavy threw on shallah
Braveheart nigga from start yo
We all sci...

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The Table

Moet got me actin like a fuckin goat in here
Yo god, remember back in the days god?
When we came a long way and shit, man?
(no question)
Supposed to be blessin each other on our phy...

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100 Rounds

Man: yo
What up d? huh?
You bought that from tower records?
What's that, let me see that bag
Get the fuck off, get the fuck off it
Come here man, what the fuck i...(banging)
Like that nigga,...

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Live from New York

Li-li-live from new york (2x)
Is you watchin
Whats on my motherfuckin neck nigga
Li-li-live from new york (2x)
Live from new york

Yo yo
All white bolon
The allie pulled on
Kept his fade lo...

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Stop touching the fucking door man
You so fucking paranoid man
What's the matter wit' you man?
It's like a nigga could write for hours
And get real theatrical wit' this,

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My Favorite Dred

[song starts with conversation]
Come here you oven head
Yo what's the word
Dred upstairs
Passing all packs escorted from kinetta ear
Yo the nigga's name unknown
Kingston, had it sown

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