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This Lullaby

Where O where have you been my love?
Where O where can you be?
It's been so long, since the moon has gone.
& 0 what a wreck you've made me.

Are you there over the ocean?
Are you there, up in th...

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Medication for us all, it is a new way
& we're gonna take it cause wa love it
Don't you know?

Is this the dose you've been dreamin' of?
A revelation from a gun
Doesn't matter
Overtaken, mine w...

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Everybody Knows That You Are Insane

You wanna know why you feel so hollow?
Because you are.
You're missing out? Well if you say so
Then you're missing out

Everybody knows that you are insane
You wanna know just how long you can h...

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Tangled Up In Plaid

I slipped,
Didn't mean to do it that way.
But i blew in on a whim, gone tomorrow?
I'm gone today

Lets play along and let each other lose
A win would cause an alarm
Don't matter to me

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Burn The Witch

Holding hands
Skipping like a stone
On our way
To see what we have done
The first to speak
Is the first to lie
The children cross
Their hearts & hope to die

Bite your tongue
Swear to keep y...

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In My Head

It's the cruelest joke to play
I'm so high, i run in place
Only a line, we separate, so

I keep on playin our favorite song
I turn it up while you're gone
It's all i got when you're in my head a...

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Little Sister

Hey sister why you all alone?
I'm standing out your window
Hey little sister, can I come inside, dear?

I wanna show you all my love
I wanna be the only one
I know you like nobody ever, baby


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I Never Came

When you say it's dead & gone
I know you're wrong

Cut & slash, sharpest knife
It won't die

Poison cup, drank it up
It won't die

No fire, no gun, no rope, no stone
It won't die

Why you ...

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Someone's In The Wolf

Once you're lost in twillights's blue
You don't find your way, the way finds you...

Tempt the fates, beware the smile
It hides all the teeth, my dear,
What's behind them...

So glad you could ...

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The Blood Is Love

I saw you, in a way
Beyond figure out
These lines of life have been drawn & can't be removed
Our eyes is all it took to know

Open up your eyes
Deep blue, glassy take
& swim 'til water & sky

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Skin On Skin

From the moment you said "why haven't you kissed me yet?"
I knew i'd wipe that paint from your lips
I stare the lids off your eyes, gone down on your dirty mind
& end up between you hips
Handfuls ...

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Broken Box

I've got wine & so do you
Mine came with a cork
I wish yours did too

Everyone just loves you so
Well hurray!
Now you know where to go

In my head you're all brand new
I guess you're really a...

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You Got A Killer Scene There, Man...

I don't mean to make obscene
But even the mob, know what the hell i mean
The knot is tight, on my blindfold
I got my flesh full of blood, i hate rock n roll
Some think too much, then come too soon...

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Long Slow Goodbye

Where have you gone again my sweet?
Everybody wants to know
Where have you gone again my sweet?
Everybody wants to know
Where you gone?

I'm just a ghost, i'm on your street
Waitin', when you c...

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The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died

Got guns
Do you wanna take aim at each other?
Scratch the itch? Give the finger?
Cause we don't care


Got knives,
Have you seen 'em?
In your back's where we keep 'em
And your never g...

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Hangin' Tree

Would you like our way home
I bleed my own

Round the hangin tree
Swayin in the breeze
In the summer sun
As we two are one

Can you see under my thumb
There you are

Round the hangi...

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No One Knows

We get some rules to follow
That and this
These and those
No one knows

We get these pills to swallow
How they stick
In your throat
Tastes like gold

Oh, what you do to me
No one knows


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Six Shooter

Two glass eyes
I'll fuckin tell you lies
I'm on the side of the road
You won't fuckin die

Yeah, yeah
Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot

Fuck this road
Well, fuck you too
I'll fu...

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The Sky is Fallin'

The sky is falling
Human race that we run
It left me crawling
Staring straight at the sun
Only a moment I notice
Every dog has his day
I paid attention
Cost me so much to today

For so long

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A Song for The Dead

It's late enough to go drivin
And see what's mine
That's a study of dying
How to do it right
You're a holy roller
Get your bed in the loose
If you're hanging around
I'm holdin the noose


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