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Chill Factor

She's getting older
Yeah, she's getting wise
But a change has changed the girl
Gone's the sparkle from her eyes

She wants to be a good mother
So she'll do the best she can
But what about the o...

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Look at me
High upon the hill
You could say
I'm on top of the world
Baby - I'm blue
All because of you
I can see this city
Crumble all around me
Press me to your chest
Block out the view

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Sense of Purpose

Everybody chokes
When they see someone cut down in their prime
It may not show when you look at me
But I know I'm in mine
I'm potent, baby, I'm potent
Dangerous to the naked eye
Rest your head o...

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Hold a Candle to This

So much for banning the bomb
The president's wife is carrying a hand gun
If you want blood sports for fun now
They call me 'the hunter' - better run now
You hear a 'crack' in the distance baby

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No Guarantee

No guarantee
Is what I'm getting today
Appetite's so rampant
And they're demanding money
Everybody wants a good time
And wild terms to agree
No credit taken
Oh oh oh whoa whoa w...

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Get to the heart
Baby, the heart of the city
Meet me in a fire fight
Of lusty boys in candlelight
Beat to the heart, baby the heart of the city
Veins pop and cry for more
And lick it off the kil...

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So your girlfriend wants to be a popstar
And beat the charts outta me
She wants to move a million units man
Probably just to prove she can
And after a couple of hits
She'll be buying a new pair o...

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I play a good game,
But not good as you
I can be a little cold, but you can be so cruel
I'm not made of brick, I'm not made of stone
But I had you fooled enough
To take me on
If love was a war, ...

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If There Was a Man

If there was a man I could dream of
I'd dream about a dream come true
If there was a man I could ever love
I'd wait a million years for someone just like you

All my life I have been waiting

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From The Heart Down

Watch each other even when we sleep
For some small protection
It's a promise we keep

Is hard to define
It runs in circles round the mind
But a circle
Ain't a circle
If it's not comp...

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I'm a Mother

I'm a mother
Treat me like a mother
You wanna suck on my breast
It's no surprise you do
I'm the source and the force
You owe your life to, brother


I'm a mother
And I take like a...

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Hollywood Perfume

I went out on the balcony in the middle of the night
The hotel was dark except for just one light
Television burning in the other room
I couldn't sleep so I put on some of your
Hollywood perfume

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I'll Stand by You

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Don't be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
'cause I've seen the dark side too
When the night falls on you
You don...

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Love Colours

The sun goes down
The sky turns black
I can hardly wait for you
I can't believe the madness
In everything you do
I used to dream in black and white
Now I see the world in a different light


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I drank tequila 'cause I can't have your lips tonight
I don't want to feel ya I don't want to feel sad tonight
You make me suffer and you just don't know
Estoy barrochos down in new mexico

I wan...

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Every Mother's Son

I was born with my hand in a fist
And my eyes shut tight
Any wonder that I cannot resist
Punchin' blindly in a fight
The first time I saw swans flyin' to the sun
I wanted to be one

Like every ...

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Rebel Rock Me

I'm as solid as a rock
Throw me at the powers that be
I'm as solid as a rock
Throw me at the powers that be
I'm as user friendly as a lead-filled glove
Rebel rock me


I've got money in ...

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Forever Young

May God bless you and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder
To the stars
And climb on every rung
And may yo...

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Night in My Veins

I see him standing silhouetted
In the lamp-light
I cross the street
And I quicken my pace
He cups his hands and he
Lights a cigarette
I find myself in the bones of his face

It's just the nigh...

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Every time I end up waking up
In some hotel without my
Set of keys
Coming to, remembering the way
Your turned me out when I was
On my knees
You think that was
One up for you
But I know I score...

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На момент смерти у Меркьюри было 10 котов, по воспоминаниям Дикона их он любил больше, чем кого-либо. Американская модель Сильвия Пинтер, 1989 г. ...

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Дональд и Иванка Трамп на теннисном турнире в Нью-Йорке, 1991 г. МакSим на обложке журнала "Браво", 2007 г. Единственный сохранившийся до сегодняшних дней щит римского пехотинца - скутум. III век н.э....

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Мать Сталина Екатерина Джугашвили. Экспериментальный подводный ядерный взрыв в Тихом океане, 1958 год. Амepикaнcкaя комaндa acтронaвтов идeт нa боpт космического шатла. Их коpaбль pухнeт чepeз 73 ceку...

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«Мисс мира – 1992» 18-летняя Юлия Курочкина сидит в центре рядом с Клэр Смит «Мисс Великобритания» и Фрэнсис Гаго «Мисс Венесуэла», 12 декабря 1992 г. Доисторичeский богомол в кусочке янтаря, которому...

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Анна Николь Смит - американская модель и актриса, 1990-е. Сэр Эдмунд Хиллари и шерп Норгей Тенцинг на вершине Эвереста. Гималаи. Непал. 1953 год. Первые покорителя Эвереста. Эро фотосессия Светланы Ло...