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Standin' in the hurricane
Just to feel the midnight rain
It won't wash away the stain left on your heart
Starin' at a liar's moon
Hypnotized by your own gloom
Prayin' that the daylight soon w...

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Save a Corner of Your Heart

Save a corner of your heart for me
Keep it for a rainy day
Just a little touch
You won't miss it much
Won't you save, save it for me

Well I'm not the kind who keeps track of time
Still I'v...

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Brenda X

Well, she don't change horses in midstream
She got but one heart and one dream
She had a feelin' I was runnin' scared
In the face of trouble we took a dare
To be one, to be two
Way below this...

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How Many Moons

How many moons
How many moons
Has it been since I've seen your face
Seems like forever
Seems like I'll never
Ever get back to that place
Where it all began and the time just ran on through

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Days Gone By

I've seen a picture from the days gone by
Lookin' worn and withered, I heard a lonely cry
Of what could have been
And what wasn't quite
Now I'm swearin' to the wind
We were doin' it right


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This Old Flame

Guess I should accept the call
But I really don't know what to say
The operator won't let me talk at all
And she says you want me to pay
Oh well it ain't nothin' new
It fits right with my pictu...

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Standing in The Fire

Well I'm standing in the fire again
Everybody knows I'm a workin' man
In some ways it's either sink or swim
These days I don't mind givin' in
You get but one chance to go 'round
And make the mo...

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The Storm

Look at all the raindrops fall from the sky tonight
Just so many teardrops searchin' for a place to hide
Fallin' from the dark clouds descendin' on their way
Baby aren't those raindrops just like y...

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When You Love Somebody

There's a ribbon wrapped around your heart
A tender moment sparks against the dark
Pieces so faithfully fall one by one
When you love someone
When you love someone

Promises we'd break along...

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Odd Man Out

You got me turnin' to the left
You got me twisted to the right
Woman all I'm askin' is
Is anything all right?
You got me waiting in the day
I'm waiting long into the night
Baby don't you he...

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Here I sit in my room
Nobody here but me and a simple tune
Hope you roll on in with the risin' moon
I wanna stay with you all night
Wanna stay with you night until noon - yes I do

Sayin' noth...

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Indian Summer

There's a full moon in the sky
It's got a hold on me, I'm hyptotized
Like your love it's getting stronger
Please keep my heart a little longer

Indian summer is on it's way
Cool at night - a...

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The Dance

When the dance is over
Spinnin' around and around in a circle,
Once you sit down you start it all over again,
Laughin' so hard you lose all track of time,
So shuffle your feet and follow the bea...

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Thought I'd seen it all before
No one could show me any more
Sunny skies and and lights so bright
Winter winds deep in the night

Then came a woman
Heaven must have sent
And like a fool
I ...

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Find Out in Time

Ain't it funny how a good day flies - when you're high
Makes you feel you're so together - you don't know why
It's such a difference from days gone by
And you wish it could go on forever


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Living in The Band

In the beginning
Not so long ago
There were five country rockers
I saw the very first show
And I jumped up with the crowd
To give a standing hand
Livin', livin' in the band

There were two...

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Me & You

You're a woman - you're a child
Sometimes you're weak and then you're wild
And I just can't understand
'cuz I'm a boy who plays the part of a man, now
It's not hard to see
Must be the way it ...

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Twenty Years

Well I've thought about the things I need
And I'm willing just to let them be
There is nothing that I'd want anyway
That could take the place of you
And all the things you do and say

We've co...

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Win or Lose

I've seen you falling behind your dreams
And pictures changing without the scenes
Broken stories and borrowed lines
Ain't it hard these days
To get on your way
Well, it's still what you do

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Bad Weather

In ev'ry day that passes us by
I can't help the feelin' that you and i
We won't get to see another day together.
Looks like bad weather.

I can see it all there in your eyes
And it comes to ...

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