Ladies Of The Chorus
Ladies of the chorus

That's what we are, it appears

We were inducted and we took a vow

We joined the Army but look at us now

We're ladies of the chorus

Don't we look lovely, my dears

In corsets and dresses

And cute golden tresses

To hide the dirt behind our ears

I was a plumber

I quit work last summer

My number come up at the start

I was a printer

I quit work last winter

They okayed my lungs and my heart

I was a farmer

Potato embalmer

They took me away from the plow

I was a packer

I chewed plug "terbaccer"

I wish I had some of it now

Oh, now we're in the chorus

Dressed up in girdles that squeeze

We're here to romance with

To sing and to dance with

A bunch of nerdy guys like these

GUYS: Pardon me, but aren't you the country maiden?

GALS: Pardon me, but aren't you the city chap?

GUYS: Cuddle closer won't you please

I'm about to take a squeeze

GALS: If you do then I will give your face a slap

GUYS: I would love to take you home to meet my mother

I would like to [...] mother but I can't

She will treat you like a queen

GALS: But I'm only seventeen

If you are seventeen, then so's my aunt

GALS: Hi ho! I want you to behave

GUYS: Hi ho! I think you need a shave

GALS: Do you think that you can get me into pictures?

GUYS: If you're nice to me I'll get you on the screen

GALS: How about a movie test?

GUYS: Not with hair upon your chest

GALS: And now it's time to dance but keep it clean