Anyone Can Be Somebodys Fool
Let me say this one more time

Just in case you didn't hear it right

I'll put it in my own words

So I'll know it's understood

You sent me out on a limb

You brought me home... Sent me back again

...Out on that limb one too many times

You should've known I'd learn to fly


You can have anything on earth you need

Anything that breathes you can surely still it's wings

You can have everything on earth you see

Anything on earth you need but me

You can have anything you need but me now

Anything on earth you need but me

I'm shattered as the broken glass

Around the wreck out on the tracks

You had the very heart of me in your hands with honesty

You rolled it up within your sleeve like a beacon

Then you left it out

In the cold and the rain

I've picked it up and brought it home again

(repeat chorus)

It's time to move the lights are green

After all it's love we need

And if it doesn't dance and breathe

Then it doesn't grow it seems

My headlights catch you with my love upon your sleeve

You're standin' still in the middle of this road

It's time to pass you by and go

(repeat chorus)