Return of the Singer

I'm coming out like a 45
Spinning like a Wurlitzer on overdrive
Feeling like electroglide
Touchdown satallite, feel alright
Tonight return of love
Return, return of the singer

So twist me up and watch me turn
Just like a falling star about to burn
Sending down an outward thrust
The curtains up baby, it's all or bust
Tonight return of the love you get
Return, return of the singer

It's tailor made and it's heaven sent
Just think about the time we spent
The way we move, the words we said
If nothing else a testament
Oh my love, oh my baby
No one else can make me crazy like you
Like you

Cause we're all about to move on
No one here without a sound
Pilfering the planet's blood
Been making up the moment from after the flood
Tonight return of love
Return, return, return of the singer

I'll tell you how it's gonna be
We're gonna make some history
A microphone, the truth we need
No joke, no trend, no fad of the week
Horde of angels, sing as one
You know my heart has come undone again, again

Oh, pressure

Return of love
Return of the singer
Return of love
Return, return of the singer