Its In The Game
[DJ Clue]

Yeah... DJ Clue...Dessert Storm...EA Sports...Come on


NBA Live...2003... Fabolous...Who Gon' Stop Me!!?

[Verse 1]

I hoop with the best of them swooped up the chest of them

dunked on a bunch caught ali-oops on the rest of them

I got the lean on the "J" now

it really don't matter if we play in arenas or playgrounds

throw it around the back so it look fly when I pass

just to avoid the block go high off the glass

I'm killing them out there they gon' have to bring caskets

this all I hear after the baskets *swoosh*

but I ain't even warm up

and still pull from where it counts for 3 points and leave the form up

you must be insane if you give me the lane or perimiter

the crossover will sprain every limb on ya

I never woulda, ever coulda

thought I could come off the baseline and jump over seven-footers

soon as you step out the locker room you now can see

how live it gets in 2003

[Hook: repeat 2X]

Who gon' stop me when I'm in the lane?

I come to entertain you know its in the game

Who gon' stop me? go and get 5

I D-up with 5 you know it gets live

[Verse 2]

I'm the crowd favorite and I believe the fans

love the way I finger roll it with either hand

my handles pull it through presses plus I can play the lane

and block shots like bulletproof vestes

I often be found in the paint waiting for I miss

so I can slam it back off the rebound

then I show off with class

look the other way when I throw off a pass

call it when I go off the glass

hope ya'll play better "D"

or I'ma keep scoring until the coach hold his hands like the letter "T"

When I put pressure on the ball they be feeling on lock

remind 'em of a jewel theif w