Gotta Stop
I'm sittin' up in my room

thinkin' about you, guess

I'm just a wasted boy

with nothing better to do

try not tp pick up the phone

eleven times a day

when do i hope you're not home

I got nothin to stay I gotta stop

it really hurts

8 ways to say you're wrong

20 ways to lie

8 ways to say tomorrow

something better change

been livin with your shit too long

you know it's gotta end

yell to me sing your song

you know it's gotta end

you just been around too long

to still be my friend

try and talk it out with you

let's not pretend

now's the time today's the day

to show you what I fail to say

I gotta stick I got some friends

this is where your story ends right now.

we're gonna belt right now

you don't look so well that's right

you can't walk so well

go on, give it a chance

may I ask for this dance

you're so fucked up