Greasy Heart
Lady, you keep asking why he likes you how come

Wonder why he wants more if he just had some

Boys, she's got more to play with in the way of toys

Ladies eyes go off and on with a finger full of glue

Lips are drawn upon her face in come-to-me tattoo

Creamy suntan color that fades when she bathes

Paper dresses catch on fire & you lose her in the haze

Don't ever change lady, he likes you that way because

He just had his hair done and he wants to use your wig

He's going off the drug thing cause his veins are getting big

He wants to sell his paintings but the market is slow

They're only paying him two grams now for a one-man abstract show

Don't ever change people even if you can

You are your own best toy to play with remote control hands

Made for each other made in Japan

Woman with a greasy heart automatic man

Don't ever change people your face will hit the fan

Don't ever change people even if you can

Don't change before the empire falls

You'll laugh so hard you'll crack the walls