The Race Is On
The Race is on

by Michael W. Smith & Deborah D. Smith

on Project (1982)

Got our feet on the narrow road

Got out eyes on the One that will be our goal

And our brothers at our side

If we stumble we won't fall

If we miss the mark He'll be there after all

With an everlasting prize

The race is on


Come on and go

Leave behind the sin you find

That slows your time

Come on and go

You know the race is on

Come on and go

Straight ahead be safely led

By Him instead

Come on and go

You know the race is on

Lord, I try running my own race

Losin' ground, losin' hope

Losin' sight of your face

And I'm ready to retire

Then I'm back on your solid ground

You remind me of the strength

That in you I've found

And you fill me with your fire

The race is on


Repeat Chorus