Another banger

You can feel me if you don't, you don't

I'll feed you to the dogs like a bitch I boned

My only concern is for the cash I gross

A nigga more deadly up against the ropes

Problem dead on tacking tours to throats

Eyes, ears open you can try to get close

Approach me then

Get on the floor soldier like you owe me ten

Spread it, never say it

Actions speak louder than words

Get bodied because you doubted the word

Never fucked your bird, stop askin her

It's not that serious, keep backin up

She'll get curious, and delirious

Send that bitch home on her period

To stop Havoc got to kill me bro

These niggaz listening but don't hear me bro

[Chorus: Havoc]

Yo, what's the deal, deal

Play that shit I can feel, feel

Right now it's about to get real, real

Never leave home without that steel, steel



Yeah, just bounce

Bounce, Bounce

Let's go, let's do it, let's get it correct

Let's ball, let's burn, let's all get bent

Let's party and celebrate success

Let's not ruin my fun, my gun will spit

Nigga find you a woman you can definitely rip

Ladies find you a man, go ahead get you some dick

What you thought? you a big girl, I'm a big boy

So let's not play these games, let's get to the point

Bitch get off me, I switch plans on you

There's plenty more bunnies for me

These niggaz got problems? I'll straighten that promptly

I'll be all over them niggaz so fast, they're so pussy

Go ahead push me to tear you up

Try me, blind me, force my guns

You ain't built for war, you built to bounce

So we gonna ride on you niggaz until the sun burn out

[Chorus (2X)]

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

[Chorus (2X)]