Enigma Of The Absolute

My shadow follows me everywhere I go
Please take it away, cause I wanna go

Bring forth the agony of your inner

Far out in the forest lies a secret that I
hid when I was little. Wonder if it's still
out there. The Past, I try to forget it
and nearly forgotten.

Behold, as they are stepping towards
us. The Saint, the sinful father. Can't
he reject the temptation of life,
as he stops, sees and speaks to me
The temptation of life makes sense
to me

His mouth is dripping with insanity
Stupendous scars of agony? Heal These
scars, set in time to heal for me
Stupendous scars of agony?

He tried to caress the lost ones,
forever engaged...

Read my life as I read yours
A second chance for everyone?
Heal these scars, set in time for me

Tell me I was wrong,
and I will relive it.