Im Doin Fine Crazyman
Thunder, flash and lightening is working on my back

The tables in the kitchen are tryin' to break my neck

All the late night memories are leaning in my shoes

My mother's old grey leather gloves are singing loud the blues

I can taste what's in the sun

No time to waste 'cause there is none

When I feel blue I see it shine

But still it's true I'm doin' fine

You can't see me 'cause now I'm all free

Now you know I'm through

And all that's not new

Sitting on a paperback 'cause I don't know what really cracks

I'm tryin' to climb my pencil to get high

No one tells me what to do 'cause no one knows what I've been through

You don't know a thing but you can learn

It's time to touch the sky

My mind is free I fly

I can taste. . .