Final Fantasy Theme
Whenever sang my song

on the stage

on my own

whenever say a word

wishing they could be heared

I saw u smiling at me

could this be real or just my fantasy

Did U ever know that I hadmine on you

My last night here with you

same old songs just once more

If I'll stay here with you?

Maybe yes, maybe no

I kindly like it your way

how you shily place your eyes on me

Did You ever know that I had mine on you


Darling so share with me

your love if u had enough

tears as were holding back

or pain if that's what it is

How can I let You know

I'm More than the dress and the voice

If frown is shown then...

You will know that You are not Dreaming

Chorus 2:

Darling so stay with me

as if you had me now

Seems that You'll never hurt

nor ever been down

How can U let me know

I'm more than a friend

U have known

Just reach me out then

and You'll know that we are no dreamers...