Oh That Beautiful Rag 7 Jul 1910
1st verse:]

Honey, that leaderman leads like a leader can

Just see him leadin' that band

My honey, don't you understand

That they're playin' music grand


Just never mind the name

Ragtime is all the same

Music is music with me

But I will say that it's beautiful, hon'

With a great big capital B


Oh! oh! oh! oh!

Oh! that beautiful rag

It sets my heart a-reelin'

Oh! oh! oh! oh!

Oh! that beautiful drag

That funny feeling stealing

Hear that trombone blowin', hon'

Ain't dem fiddles goin' some?

Oh! sir

Oh! sir, cuddle up closer

Squeeze me like you would a flower

Make a minute last an hour

Oh! oh! oh! oh!

Oh! that heavenly strain

It makes me feel so funny

If I ever cry, "Don't play it again"

Just don't believe me honey

Oh, my dearie, can't you hear me callin'?

Come up near me, catch me, dear, I'm fallin'

Oh! oh! oh! oh!

Oh! that beautiful rag

[2nd verse:]

What does my honey want? Go in a restaurant?

Now you is talkin' some sense

And this here place is just immense

I know you don't mind expense


Bring on yo' bill o' fare

Honey, I do declare

Somehow I'm feelin' forlorn

Hear them playin' that old beautiful rag

Now my appetite is gone