Thats The Shit
Thats The Shit



Shit Shit


That's That Shit

[1. (1x)]

That's the reason the bitches be trying to get the worm out the zipper

That's the reason niggas gon' have to learn that I'm the ripper

I scrape up crumbs and turn 'em into nickels

Then bounce 'em into dimes then I turn 'em into flippers

I can't do my rhymes like you do yo rhymes cause it isn't

You can't make your shit try to sound like mine cause it isn't

I run right at the top of the line, get your mind right nigga

Murder was the case cause I shine at night nigga

The man with the braids in his hair, two tounged live nigga

Let him fire nigga, I ride with five niggas

Live from the west, bring it back home

Ducked off in the Bonneville, blowing up the zone

Roamin', cutting up on my cell phone

Hundred miles per hour in the wind and I'm gone

Watch them jails find the twenty inch wheels twirls

Hoes hatin' in the back, fuck 'em girl

I stand up like a pit, swingin' my big dick

Take a picture, feet stickin' like scotch tape bitch

I swear to God I'll fuck over yay yay

Have you sitting on your porch, gettin' pushed in your rocking chair

[1.] That's That, That's That (How should I put it?)

That's That, That's That ewwww

That's That, That's That (Watch it sucka, muthafucka!)

That's That Shit [2x's]

I come in to put my two cents on a two inch

I'm tearing down the fuckin' building and the blue prints, any sign of


Come your ass down here and ask them who the fool is

Raise your hand and talk to the teacher, no, students, students

I like to sing a about the boota and the tooters

Smoke the purple bubble gum, merge crazy blue vooda

Ya'll past tense, I'm the black prince ruler

Sharp shooter, chopatula to talula

Point blank bitch, gone, gone

Full blast turning up the water all the way on

Hi, my name is, Mystikal

I handle my business, deliver my lyrics ever since I hit the door

When I come around in this muthafucka your arms fall off

You can't touch me, your jaw break, you can't say nothing

Fuck around and let my second wind kick in

I better be makin' it sound like the booty that the dick went in



That's That, That's That Shit

That's That, That's That shit bitch

thats that, thats that watch it sucka muthafucka!

thats that shit

that's that thats that

thats that thats that ewwww

thats that thats that watch it sucka muthafucka!

thats that shit

that's that

that's that