The Other Hours
Who are you in the other hours

When your hair's undone

And your guard's let down

When you're all alone in your all nightgown

Are you the life of the party then?

Sitting by yourself, again

Where are you in the other hours

Are you in a secret place that calls

When you're by yourself with in your walls

Are you undressed with someplace to go

Off to catch your private show

Why do you greet the morning

Draping your heart in a shroud

Why must your life be a sideshow

Played to an ignorant crowd

How are you, in the other hours

Do you pray for morning to arrive

Do you wonder how you can stay alive

Are you at peace in a troubled mind

Hoping no one else would find

You're only playing dumb

'til the other hours come


Who do you think you're fooling

Turning your face from the light

Clearly you're turning to something

that are revealed by the night

What are you in the other hours

Are you queen of some abandoned song

Thinking how your crown of jewels had shone

You're sitting there with no one to reign

You think no one sees your pain

And no one hears your drum

So the other hours come