See Right Through You
Tell me what kind of girl would wanna play me

Tear me down

Then try to break me

Baby how could you betray me?

After all I've done for you

take you there, bought you this, now it's not enough babe

you better get your story straight babe

Tell me why you wanna play?

I've had enough


These games they've gotta stop.

I'm about to get pissed off

You had to keep leading me on

Baby, you thought you had me fooled but I see right through you


Look into my eyes, Tell me what you see

I see a man who thought you loved me

You played me like a fool but I see right through you

I look into your eyes, I'll tell you what I see

I see a girl who maybe lonely

but you had me fooled but i see right through you

Tell me girl what's his name

What'd he do to take you

Does he freak you the way that I do

'Cause you know that I know how to

When he leaves you don't come crying back to me

'Cause I'll be moving on you see

And you'll be just a memory

I think I've had enough



Thought you had me fooled

See right through you!

ooh, ooh, ooh yeah

See see see right through you!

Baby, Tell me does he do it, do it like I do?

Baby, Tell me will he love you, love you like I do?

Now your crying 'cause you can't believe that we are through

I don't care 'cause I see right through you

Let me tell you that this is how it's gonna be

After all we have been through what you have ment to me

And You won't to this too me

'Cause now I see right through you