Shut Your Mouth
You been around the world

You think the world is yours,

All right, you been up all night,

So why can't you get it right?

No chance

No dance for you

No teenage romance

Out of the mix, out of the mix.


Ain't no way out, your momma was right,

Shut your mouth, shut your mouth.

You weren't home last night,

You don't come home no more.

Gotta be fair, your don't say where

You don't know, nobody cares.

No chance, no dance for you, no teenage romance,

None of your ticks, none of your tricks.


Can you tell me the truth, can it get much worse?

Don't tell me no lies, 'cos I can read your eyes.

You're everything that we despise,

No chance, no dance for you, no teenage romance

Better be quick

Better be quick