If I Could Fly
Stone by the river

Got no wind in my sail

No revolutions in my soul

Hey revelation's just a moment away

Soon I'm gonna be old

Soon you're gonna be old

Remember love is not something you can keep

It just takes the wind to blow it away

You look so ugly as you lie there asleep

Boy, you're pretty today

So pretty today

When I was born

They poisoned my mind

They told me to fight

But I'm not that kind

They said I was meek

But I did not mind

It's a case of the weak

Fooling the blind

I see the stars have spelt your name in the sky

I wrote it too down here on the sand

When I first met you

You stirred nothing at all

See the cards in your hand

See the cards in your hand

Oh, if I could fly

Oh, if I could fly

I'd take to the sky

I feel so special when I'm making you cry

But I regret the things I throw in your face

This drug will kill you darling

This is no lie

This dragon we chase

This dragon we chase