Year Of The Dragon

(sirens) Yo yes yes yo. Lock your door. Die die die (x6)


I remember comin' from Hati growin' up in Brooklyn

On Flat Bush got my first sneakers tooken

Learn the game quick so I got my first device

Mom move to Jersey so we could get a better life

But little did she know a ghetto is a ghetto

Good time found myself like Jimmy Walker sayin' "Cello"


Yellow cheese bus gettin' beatings if I cuss

Lay away another day in stripped Lees and letegrays

But the lyrical bomber momma tried to stop

Paranoid cause this boy around my neighborhood got shot

Name plate hair straight metal braces on my teeth

Fat laces on my feet when crack first hits the streets


I use to push up on a girl Salt 'N' Peppa Push It Push It

D's in school cause the music was my focus

Jokes in class but when I learned I didn't pass

I knew it was my ass with my mothers leather lash

Belt buckle said Nelly Nel similar to Melle Mel

Hits the third rail Beat Street made Gazzels sells


As the tale gets poetic watch the streets turn magnetic

Towanna Balley's rape is alleged

Hang out in hooky places watch streets corners turn to oasis

Young men aspire to be Scarfaces


In the year of the dragon lots of men disappear

Quiet as it's kept they won't be around next year

Wyclef talking:

Yo yo watch out for the black van. Yo yo (last days last days) planes

exploding yo close your door yo nobody's safe. Halloween. October 31. Yo

close your

door yo kids are disappearing. Yo


Late at night the light was bright on the ave

I went to pick up cash from my cousin little Kev

He told me Joe had a dream in jail he got steamed

His wife became a fiend fuckin' little Raheim

Damn, drugs will make you do terrible things

He told me when he get out he's murdering by any means

The day came I saw him on the train

He pulled his gun and aimed and started firing like the son of Kane

I saw civilians runnin' for their life

Like the devil on judgement night running from Christ

Ice and Armarretto please as I fell to my knees

Being shot by Fergusin the vigilante


Wyclef talking:

So CNN nawhatI'msayin? Fergusin is at court and he's his own lawyer

youknowmean what's goin' on. Talk to me. This is definatly the last days.

Jewish calendar has already arrived the year 2000. Watch ya back watch ya

back watch ya back DIE DIE DIE DIE


Clef it kind of remind me of this chick I once knew

Use to be a dime now she's strung out in Bellevue

See the serpent played tricks run game like the Knicks

Build you up just to lose the championship.

I seen her reminisce over Wu-Tang could It Be that Simple

She lost her Prince cause there were Thieves In the Temple

Tragic depression made her lose all her teeth

Lost and turned out gave her body to the streets

Sweet Mary don't you weep

Still water runs deep

So be carful of the company you keep


Wyclef talking:

Yo I'm frustrated youknowhatI'mean? Use to work at McDonalds just got


If I get in I'm sprayin' everybody the boss the manager yo these are

definatly the last days. Yo here he comes with his gun yo duck duck. Black

Panther yo nobody's protected. Yo 6-6-6 watch your back don't get caught in

the rapture yo AIDS, Moses the plaque watch your back. Pharoh let my people


Yo watch your back. Last days. Last days. Nobody's protected. Yo my little

sister is Rosey Sharen. Yo yo nobody's protected. Not even Rosey Sharen.

Nobody's protected. Yo you come try to get my sister I'm a get you first.

I'm a be driving a hearse. Cause nobody's protected.