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The Beginning Of The End

Down on your knees
You'll be left behind
This is the beginning
Watch what you think
They can read your mind
This is the beginning
I got my mark, see it in my eyes
This is the beginning
Well ...

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I should have listened to her
So hard to keep control
We kept on eating but
Our bloated belly's still not full
She gave us all she had but
We went and took some more
Can't seem to shut her l...

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The Good Soldier

Gunfire in the street
Where we used to meet
Echoes that are beat
When the bass goes "bomb"
Right over my head
Step over the dead
Remember what you said

You know a part of my old life
Is ju...

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I let you put it in my mouth
I let it get under my skin
I let you put it in my veins
I let you take me from within

They tell us what we can and cannot do
Thinking is what I have this heard fo...

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Me, I'm Not

Well it's happening
Never planned on this
You've got something I need
Kind of dangerous
And I'm losing control
I'm not used to this
What you want from me
I'm not used to this

I can't shu...

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Capital G

I pushed the button and elected him to office
He pushed the button and he dropped the bomb
You pushed the button and could watch in on the television
Those motherfuckers didn't last too long


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My Violent Heart

You and I, we may look the same
But we are very far apart
There's bullet-holes where my compassion used to be
And there is violence in my heart

Into fire you can send us
From the fire we re...

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The Warning

Some say it was a warning
Some say it was a sign
I was standing right there
When it came down from the sky
The way it spoke to us
We felt it from inside
Said it was up to us
Up to us to dec...

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God Given

Hey man, please don't make a sound
Take a look around, can't you see what's right in front of you
Have a little taste, no more time to waste
You don't wanna get left behind cause it's all comin...

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Meet Your Master

Right now a big decision
Violence as polished steel
This is something different
Don't know how big this feels
No time for asking questions
No time for wondering
We've had enough of you now

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The Greater Good

Breathe... us in
Breathe... slowly
Breathe... us in

Everything you do,
Everywhere you go,
Anything we want

Persuasion (slowly)
Coercion (slowly)
Selection (breathe...

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The Great Destroyer

Say your name.
Try to speak as clearly as you can.
You know everything gets written down.
Nod your head.
Just in case they could be watching.
With their shiny satellite.

I hope they cannot s...

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In This Twilight

Watch the sun,
As it crawls across a final time
And it feels like,
Like it was a friend.
It is watching us,
And the world we set on fire
Do you wonder,
If it feels the same?

And the sky ...

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God have mercy on our souls
God have mercy on our dirty little hearts
We just wanted to know what it was like
All we are worth is zeros and ones

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All The Love In The World

Watching all the insects march along
Seem to know just right where they belong
Smears of face reflecting in the chrome
Hiding in the crowd I'm all alone

No one's heard a single word I've s...

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You Know What You Are?

I tried to sneak myself through, tried to get to the other side
I had to patch up the cracks and the holes that I have to hide
For a little bit of time even made it work okay
Just long enough ...

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The Collector

I pick things up
I am a collector
And things, well things, they tend to accumulate
I have this net
It drags behind me
It picks up feelings
For me to feed upon

There are times, plenty...

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The Hand That Feeds

You're keeping in step
In the line
Got your chin held high and you feel just fine
Cause you do
What you're told
But inside your heart it is black and it's hollow and it's cold

Just how...

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Love Is Not Enough

The more that we take
The paler we get
I can't remember what it is
We try to forget
The tile on the floor
So cold it can sting
In your eyes is a place
Worth remembering

For you to ...

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Every Day Is Exactly The Same

I believe I can see the future
Cause I repeat the same routine
I think I used to have a purpose
But then again
That might have been a dream
I think I used to have a voice
Now I never mak...

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Элизабет Хёрли, 1994 год. Синди Kpoуфорд в жуpнaле Playboy, сентябрь 1995 г. Новая дверь хранилища из тридцатитонной стали Национального банка в Чикаго. Иллинойс, США, 1923 г....

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Мария Кежа — Mиcc CCCP 1990 года. Моника Беллуччи и баяны. Популярное нижнее белье для девушек в свитерах 1940-х и 1950-х годов: бюстгальтер-пуля....

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Кэрри Фишер на промо "Звёздные войны. Эпизод V: Империя наносит ответный удар", 1980 год. Кристина Агилера — американская певица, автор песен, танцовщица, актриса, продюсер, телезвезда, филантроп, а т...

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Жаркий поцелуй Мадонны и Бритни Спирс на MTV Video Music Awards 2003 г. В 90‑е годы Маколей Калкин был одной из самых популярных детских звезд в мире. И это неудивительно, ведь такие фильмы, ка...

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Эбби Ли Кершоу в журнале W, Март 2012 г. Хамфри Богарт и Лорен Бэколл, 1945-е. Часы, поднятые с Титаника. Они остановились в 2.28, через 2 минуты после крушения. США. Фото 1985 г.

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Мальчику отрезало голову на глазах у родителей. Эта трагедия произошла на водных горках в парке развлечений «Шлиттербан», Канзас-сити. Aмериканская фотомодeль и актpиса Конни Кpecки и её Шeлби 1970-го...