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It just happened
so what
but their all laughing
what's up

why the tears
have no fear
we are here for you
but i know how you feel
i know how you feel
when no one cares

if you ...

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Chariot Of Fire

Sorry that we took so long
You probably thought we forgot your song
It makes us smile just so you know
To see your eyes at our shows

I wrote this song while I was drunk
I hope you don't ...

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Drill Sergeant

**army marching sound**

Drill sergeant, I don't work for you
I'm not goin' to war (I'M NOT GOIN' TO WAR!)
Imma cash in goodwill books
I work at the parts, I know the store (Wh...

66 песни

Find My Way

Just a minute ago, Just a minute ago
Just a minute ago I said some things
I know That I can't change back
When I just screamed that didn't mean
For us to break, break our pact

I'm sear...

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Fly Or Die

Oooh [x3]
Oooh [x3]
This is for the kids!
This is only for the kids!

I know,
You love me,
Bad grades,
You took it from me,
Well God forbi...

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Jump Feat. Joel & Benji Madden

hello? hey mom, its me mom.
cant tell you where i sleep mom, cause thats where we be mom.
sometimes i steal and cheat mom, and yes i get enough to eat mom.
mom can you listen to ...

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Love was the egg
And it was born in a cloud
With silver lining
Ah ha uh huh
But it broke I mean it hatched on the ground
So time flew right by me
And while I

I know you thought ...

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She Wants To Move

(Dog Barks)
Shake it up ma
Shake it up girl
Shake it up
Shake it up
Shake it up

She makes me think of lightning in skies
(Her name, she's sexy)
How else is God suppo...

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The Way She Dances

Unzip your skirt
Take off your blouse
I hope your toes are painted
Cause you gon' dance in your undies all over the house
When your eyes are closed
I hope I'm the man you see ( the man you se...

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Every once in a while there is some asshole
Giving you shit, cause something in his life won't fold
Usually, I'd walk away
The peace offering another day
He s...

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Wonderful Place

Damn, it's setting in now (so high)
Cuz cartoons are turning into real life
Lemons and limes are fighting
Fighting over straws
Like they were oil filled pipes

And why's the sun writing...

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Don't Worry About It

It's that dark skin,
It's your juicy lips girl,
shes bad bad bad ass
shes bad bad bad ass
shes bad bad bad ass
shes bad bad bad ass

I've been all around the earth
all those girls tha...

66 песни

Am I High

La la la la
La la la
Didn't you know I can help or hurt you
So there's no reason to lie
I bet you let those other niggas jerk you
Convince you that they are fly
I never sa...

66 песни

Baby Doll

Girl You Don't Know What You Are To Me
You Are My Baby Doll
You Are My Compass Star
You Drive Me Up The Wall
Girl You Don't Know What You Mean To Me
You Are My Everything
You Are My Al...

66 песни

Backseat Love

I was walking, down the street
Saw this girl, she smell so sweet
....Hey baby...
She start running, so I could chase
How they get them saffires, in yo face
....Hey baby...

66 песни

Bobby James

Hi I'm 17 And My Name Is Bobby James
Everyday In School All My Classmates Call Me Names
And So This Pusher Introduced Me To This Thing
He Said It Makes You Forget Pain But Makes You Sing
I G...

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[verse One]
What Do You Think Baby
I Know I Want You
And You Know You Want Me
But Can You Promise Please
You'll Say Yes To Me
I Love How You Think
You Think Oh So Deep
And Share Yo...

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Dirty Dog
I'm, I'm a dirty dog
I'm a dirty dog
I'm, I'm a dirty dog
Dirty Dog
I'm a dirty dog
Dirty Dog

I'm an outlaw (I'm an outlaw)
Quick on the draw (Quick on the draw)
Somethin' you...

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Woke up I had the same clothes on I had on last night
I must have passed out
And cash is just like the clothes I worn yesterday
We are broke
I gotta get my ass out
I went to ...

66 песни

Rock Star Poser

Fuckin' Posers
It's Almost Over Now
It's Almost Over Now

Fuckin' Posers
It's Almost Over Now
It's Almost Over Now

You Think The Way You Live Is Okay
You Think Posing Will Save...

66 песни

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Мать Сталина Екатерина Джугашвили. Экспериментальный подводный ядерный взрыв в Тихом океане, 1958 год. Амepикaнcкaя комaндa acтронaвтов идeт нa боpт космического шатла. Их коpaбль pухнeт чepeз 73 ceку...

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«Мисс мира – 1992» 18-летняя Юлия Курочкина сидит в центре рядом с Клэр Смит «Мисс Великобритания» и Фрэнсис Гаго «Мисс Венесуэла», 12 декабря 1992 г. Доисторичeский богомол в кусочке янтаря, которому...

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Анна Николь Смит - американская модель и актриса, 1990-е. Сэр Эдмунд Хиллари и шерп Норгей Тенцинг на вершине Эвереста. Гималаи. Непал. 1953 год. Первые покорителя Эвереста. Эро фотосессия Светланы Ло...

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Брижит Бардо, 1958 год. Джанин Гиддингс для Vogue, 1993 год. Броня для лошади и всадника, Милан, Италия, середина XVI века....

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Александр Лукашенко в юности. Ксения Собчак на страницах глянца. Майкл Джексон и Бенни Хилл, 1988 год. Сильвестр Сталлоне и Дэвид Моррелл на съёмках "Рэмбо III", 1987 год....

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Трансформация Анны Семенович с 90х. Мел Бланк «Человек с 1000 голосами», 1978 год.
Донателла Версаче и Дженнифер Лопес в 1995 году. ...