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A bit of friendly beastiality
With the stockings that I tied you up so easily
As the window breaks the window pain
Puts the hand in to the till to get some pretty change.
What love
What hate

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Carry Me

You fed the fire all my letters
Like you fed me french fries
And in my dead mouth
Lies the taste that's like the
Look in your dead eyes
Don't give me your expression
Don't even swim with me

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Everything, anything I see
Anything, everything I feel
Everyday anytime I know
Anything everyone has to go
Champagne lingers in my glass
The party's over
I see my reflection, sipping
And it r...

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Move With Me

(n. cherry/c. mcvey/l. kravitz)
Into a world I plunge thru my headphones, escape into the streetlight
I begin to believe in destiny when my surroundings in rhythm with me
I'm just a grain of sand...

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Buddy X

(n. cherry/c. mcvey/k. barnes/j. barnes)
Call yourself a family man
Talking 'bout the families plan
To bring the sweet talk deep and down
Works better than an average pick up line
You put your ...

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Red Paint

On a table lies the crust of what he
Had and just leaves behind
As I put bread down on the list of things
That I had to buy
By the store leaves your mountain bike
You on the floor still looking...

29 песни

Red Paint

On a table lies the crust of what he
Had and just leaves behind
As I put bread down on the list of things
That I had to buy
By the store leaves your mountain bike
You on the floor still looking...

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(n. cherry/c. mcvey/g. barlow)
Wake up without a blink
To an even pace where nothing moves
Except the pressure from a funky saturday
Dropping like bricks on my head
Or over the milkyway

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You can find some time to be someone
Like a valentine for a lonely soul
You can treat me like a fool
And hate-

Some love brings me down
Some love turns me round and round
And round and round...

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Money Love

With the power that some lovin' can bring
Makes the mountain high stacks of money and things
That I need change
And fade away sometimes
When I look in the mirror
I see a little clearer
I am wh...

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My Bitch

When you turn around baby,
I'll be watching you,
I can see through you,
Maybe then you'll see,
That I ain't playing.
I'm to be taken seriously.
You know what I'm saying? .
And so the story go...

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Outre Risque Locomotive

When you dance all night giving it all you got,
And you cover me in your body sweat
Like liquid honey, your kiss is so sweet
You're my fantasy.
Oh won't you stay with me.

You're driving me wi...

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Phoney Ladies

If you're gonna play with my soul,
Why don't you take a look at your own first.
No pain is lean enough, it's always filled with hurt,
And those feelings, you know I felt them first
And it hurts....

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So Here I Come

I can see this picture of myself
In a green dress I felt lost
The first time I went to school
I was 4 feet 2, 6 feet scared and so distressed
This dress was green, I was the best dressed
I'd ev...

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The Next Generation

Autumn breeze, a spring tease
Summer days and winter nights
The seasons change and that's a fact
Is it not
Domo arigato, danke, merci

Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons
Here's hoping yo...

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Out of control
Mmm - stick it where it hurts
Girl, I'll be peeling you off the ceiling. that's right hee hee
Ladies and gentlemen - neneh cherry

Well you laughed at me right in my face
At the w...

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Inna City Mamma

New york - just like I pictured it - skyscrapers and everything
Inna city love, you crushed me into a pulp - I trusted you

When I loved you from a distance
And your skyline made me a promise

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Ok, you're on your own, it's late
Your girlfriend is on another date with the hero in your dream
Turn around, ask yourself. so, you think you're gonna win this time manchild?

Is it the pain of...

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Buffalo Stance

Who's that gigolo on the street
With his hands in his pockets and his crocadile feet
Hanging off the curb, looking all disturbed
At the boys from home. they all came running
They were making noi...

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Kisses on The Wind

Down this wild street walks
Walks a child with no trace
Of ever being as young as her sister is
A local neighborhood crush the boys would hide out and watch
Her hanging washing on the line all t...

29 песни

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Кэрри Фишер на промо "Звёздные войны. Эпизод V: Империя наносит ответный удар", 1980 год. Кристина Агилера — американская певица, автор песен, танцовщица, актриса, продюсер, телезвезда, филантроп, а т...

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Жаркий поцелуй Мадонны и Бритни Спирс на MTV Video Music Awards 2003 г. В 90‑е годы Маколей Калкин был одной из самых популярных детских звезд в мире. И это неудивительно, ведь такие фильмы, ка...

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Эбби Ли Кершоу в журнале W, Март 2012 г. Хамфри Богарт и Лорен Бэколл, 1945-е. Часы, поднятые с Титаника. Они остановились в 2.28, через 2 минуты после крушения. США. Фото 1985 г.

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Мальчику отрезало голову на глазах у родителей. Эта трагедия произошла на водных горках в парке развлечений «Шлиттербан», Канзас-сити. Aмериканская фотомодeль и актpиса Конни Кpecки и её Шeлби 1970-го...

9 умерших актеров сериала «Морские дьяволы»


Многосерийный фильм «Морские дьяволы» выходит на экраны с 2005 года и насчитывает 9 сезонов. В 2021-м стартовал новый сезон проекта, получивший название «Дальние рубежи». Сюжет фильма рассказывает о ч...