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Synthetic flesh, sinful virtual life
Reflected picture of perished strife
Deranged, your mind, as you can't swallow pain
For pain there are a thousand ways to...
They point their finger once aga...

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Inhuman Conditions

For this I declare as bleeding hope
Where skin touch skin with a frozen mind
For this I declare as bleeding soul
Where skin screech skin in the frozen sun
Gathered for altering the elements of h...

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Dirty – Colored – Knife

Comes as a dirty colored knife
Bright in mirrors' gray
One by one, a symbolized blood, reflected pits of pain

With these eyes, mesmerized, by power infection that brutally died
Hours, another...

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Bleed Forever

It feels tight
An aggression, naked skin colored red and bright
Is it failure of minds? Or a matter you always feared to declare as right?
Hear their cries – your pathetic mental world stated: nu...

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Under The Spell

I know.., clock is ticking back I know
Those pictures in my mind
Were chained upon a chain of blood hypnotic wounded feelings from my mind
Her eyes to see
Idolize my pain inside our veins I chec...

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Time passes as only time knows how
Scared tissue always stays scared and out of sight
Don't seek comfort in my arms tonight
There is no care left in me
Elastic we, with vanity I scream upon the ...

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Mental Coffin

Come winds of time, come swallow us
Spitting out our hatred, burned and found the past
No goddamn sun reflects in no goddamn light
A fevered circle, each day and night
The beautiful wounds from ...

11 песни

My Wallow

I've told you once and I'll tell you again
The game that you play only brings pain
Make up your mind, put my care to an end
I want to hate you but I really can't
The stare you gave me was full o...

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King Obscenity

A king of obscene delights, a hopeless life
A sick attempt to perpetuate grimation
The torment built in me, I took no fright
When the time is right the cracks will start to break it down, down!

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Hours surrounded by the codes of despair
Touch the skin, embrace the tears of farewell
Spirits' infection was under the roar
Fingers touched a broken glass, wounded & cold
The razor, are we to f...

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Last Nail

Knife will cut your flesh
Sinful hateful crime
Touch the colored knife

Clock is ticking back
With obscene delight
In my arms tonight...

Ripping all their minds
To your own demise

11 песни

За кадром: что известно о личной жизни актеров сериала «Троцкий»


В начале ноября 2023-го на Первом канале повторили телесериал «Троцкий». Кинолента рассказала о событиях, которые происходили с государственным деятелем в начале и середине прошлого столетия. В сюжетн...

Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла и Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е


Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е. Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла, Татьяна Пельтцер в образе его мамаши в спектакле театра Ленкома "Поминальная молитва". 1989. Поимка сбежавшей белой медведиц...

15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу и Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2012 г.


15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу в 1993 году. Конкурс "Королева табака", Северная Каролина, 1950–е. Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2...