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(feat. Mike Jones)

[1:36 long skit precedes the actual song]

[Elliott] Joyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[scratch] Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
[Elliott] Joyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[Speak'n'Spell - vowel sounds]

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Party Time

What Time Is It?

Tonight it's party time
It's party time tonight (Wat time is it)
Tonight it's party time
It's party time tonight (Holla Holla)
Tonight It's party time

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Irresistible Delicious

(feat. Slick Rick)

[over the melody of Slick Rick's song "Lick the Balls"]

[Slick Rick]
It's entertainment time!!!! Wooo
Got Missy Elliott in the house, got Slick Rick in the house
We ...

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Lose Control

(feat. Ciara, Fatman Scoop)

Music make u lose control
Music make u lose control

[Fatman Scoop]
Lets go
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Here we go now
Here we go now
Here we go no...

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My Struggles

(feat. Mary J. Blige, Grand Puba)

[Grand Puba]
Yeah, Missy Elliott, Grand Puba

[Missy Elliott]
Y'all don't really know who I am, God damn
I'm like grease in the frying pan cause I am

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Bet it, bet it taste like candy [3X]

I broke up wit my ex I couldn't take his sarcasm
Everytime we bone I had to fake an orgasm
Moanin and groanin tried to make him feel manly

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On & On

(feat. Pharrell)

Beware, you're now listening to the sounds
of Mis-demeanor
Turn everything up, all the levels
All the fuckin levels

[Bridge: Missy]
Missy be the name an...

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We Run This

My style can’t be duplicated or recycled
This chick is a sick individual

Sick tape vol. 2
Believe it

Ho… Ho…

Let me switch up the game

[Verse 1]

I drink that cognac
Step ba...

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Remember When

Baby, it's not true
When they say all men are dogs.
Cuz I know alot of women who cheat.
I know you kinda wondering
Why I'm having this conversation with you,
Cuz I speak upon expierence.

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4 My Man

(feat. Fantasia)

Like yo name is Missy Elliott
My name is Fantasia Barrino
And what I can give you
Is Fantasia Barrino
Holla at ya girl


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Can't Stop

[Missy Elliott]
Rich Nice
WOO! C'mon
SICK! Uh-huh

I be thinkin 'bout that big - O
The way you used to rock it to me nice and slow
You used to do it 'til my back fe...

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Teary Eyed

[Verse 1]
You're the reason I don't trust no one
And I don't love no one
From the places I've come
Sad songs I've sung
All the times I've been stung
For you bring the worst out of me

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Please Stand Up!
In 2005 the industry will be pussy whipped
It Wont be easy!

[Verse 1]
They like mommy with the cute face can i get a date, Mommy got a cute shape mommy make em w...

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Click Clack



When I walk up in the club, they be pushin'
Misdemeanor got that ice that keep'em lookin'
Crop top, drop tops on my Phantom, mang.
They be trippin' and them ha...

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Time And Time Again

The things you said to me
Can't make or break me
Everything you've bought I give back
absolutely everything
And, I am through with you
You and your crazy moods
You be trippin' and slippi...

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Bad Man

(feat. Vybz Cartel, M.I.A.)

[Intro: Vybz Kartel]
Yo, what some more feel like
Dem know seh when dem see Missy Elliott and Vybz Kartel
Dem career nuh start well, gunshot send dem to hell, f...

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Baby Girl Interlude _ Intro

(feat. Mary J. Blige)

Eh yo Mary, i need you to vibe wit me on this one, uh

[Missy Elliot]

Check it
As i grab my pad and pen and begin to talk from within
Oh God im hot as the w...

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Pass That Dutch

Listen up everyone! we have been just informed
That there's an unknown virus that's attacking all clubs
Symptoms have been said to be - heavy breathing
Wild dancing, coughing
So wh...

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Wake Up

(feat. Jay-Z)

[Missy Elliott]

Eh yo Hov, tell em, hip hop betta wake up


Yeah, turn the muhfuckin music up
Yeah, turn the muhfuckin music up

[Verse 1 Missy Elliott]


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Keep It Movin

(feat. Elephant Man)

[Missy Elliott]

Eh yo Timb, you know
Niggas like Dr Dre and the Neptunes and Just Blaze
They should be so hot they be keepin us workin yah feel me
But but that nig...

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