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Gentleman Who Fell

Reaching over
Life to life
Feeling sugared skin
My poor baby
Kissed him so
To ashamed to lift his chin

A voice is speaking
He's the prophet
Blinded by the light
A heart is breaking
I can h...

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In a Glade

(ukrainian lyrics - courtesy of orysia t.)

Tam v haiu, pry dunaiu, solovi shchebeche (2)
Vin svoiu ptashynochku do hnizdechka klyche.

Tam v haiu, pry dunaiu, tam muzyka hraie (2)
Bas hude, skr...

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It's Your Life

We had this dream
Locked behind these wicked thoughts
You and i
We felt pain
Passed from him, to me, to you

Reaching out
Into the empty space
We lost our place

It's your life
It's your so...

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Bang Your Head

Hey little devil that dwells inside
This angels body, this angel's mind
He said all I need is jesus to fly
Take a little peak through that head of hair
I now somewhere there are eyes in there

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Reaching from Nowhere

How can I be telling you my thoughts my love
When even I don't know what I'm thinking
How can I explain the way your eyes
Burn into my mind, my love

For when you talk to me
I'm blind 'cause you...

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Ruby Lane

Welcome down to ruby lane
Take your pick, sir
We're all the same
The sky is my one direction
The earth is my bed

Welcome down to ruby lane
Save your soul, man
For life's a game
Receive me as...

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Now, be free
The sky must have fallen
When I couldn't see
Your life's weak strain
I take a step back
And you've fallen again

But if you'd listened
A little closer
Reaching over
This cold sh...

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The Alien Song

I see a shining....
A sweeping from the clouds
A glimmer of hope
Is coming to feel our light

Oh look it's flashing
This life among the stars
Reaching out to know us
To feel our might


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I'm locked in a box
With a window and a clock
Sometimes I can't sleep
I watch the second hand feeding

Time is ticking, ticking
And the flowers are dripping, dripping
I am awake and I cannot sl...

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You Did It All Before

No I haven't seen the flowers yet
From the broken seeds I'd planted
But the ground is still too red
From the wickedness you did

Could you break my heart?
It's so easy you know
You did it all ...

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Don't Fade Away

Hello sunshine
Please don't fade away
See our genius
Warp what we created

No, don't fade away

Stepping over
Shadows from your smile
Losing myself
In these waves of light

No, don't fade ...

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And you'd never know, falling
How well the wind blows
But you never feel it
When you're falling
Cause when you're falling
You're not free

Will we ever share how we feel
When our dreams touch

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Precious Time

Mother I'd like to stay and talk for a minute
You see I'm a lady now
Somehow we're seeing eye to eye

Been searching for a key to set me free
From rowdy people, places
Flipping through old faces...

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Be My Friend

( from the kennedy interview on mtv's alternative nation )

If you, with you, with you

You I light the sky with brush bright
Shake a little now
This candy tree needs a shaking
So bring all you...

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Satellite of Love

By lou reed
Satellite's gone
Up to the sky
Things like that drive me
Out of my mind

I watched it for a little while
I love to watch things on tv

Satellite of love (x2)

Satellite's gone

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Can You Bend Your Back Like This?

In my reckless lifelong rambling
I saw a man break one day
Such a saint, he only lived on paint
He only spoke in prose
Gave his life to save his soul

When he walked out one day
He said, please...

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Strange Behavior

She's gonna go over to him
Say that it's over with him
She knows that their love will never win
Say that it's over with him

She knows herself better than any man could
When she's under his pres...

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Come as You Like

Come as you like
Bearing smiles or screams or backdoor dreams babe
As you like
Come as you like
Smoking fools and pipes or making faces
As you like

It's been cold
Flying on a power in the bre...

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All the drops on his cheek
Are frozen up
Watch his heart
Turning into rock
Walks for hours
In black desire
Soft and deep and
Counting shades of quite
Living in your fire, living as fire
Test ...

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История в фотографиях (311)


Перед концертом группы «The Prodigy» в Москве, 14 декабря 1995 года. Oлeг Гaзмaнoв с сыном Родионом, 1989 г. Прекрасная Дженнифер Энистон, 2000-ые. Фидель Кастро с медвежонком, подаренным ему во время...

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16-летняя Ким Кардашьян и Кендалл Дженнер которой исполнился один год, 1996 год. Александр Усик в 14 лет. Эфелевая башня, 1880-е....

История в фотографиях (309)


Немецкая коммунистка Клара Цеткин. Ее выступление на форуме в Копенгагене в начале ХХ века положило начало истории 8 марта. С кайфом по жизни в Brütsсh Mopеtta 1958. Кармела Каролина Фернанда Рус...

История в фотографиях (308)


Джордж Клуни и Квентин Тарантино на съёмках фильма «От заката до рассвета», 1995 год. Храм Кайласа был чудесным образом вырезан из единой скалы. Рудольф Гесс в камере, во время Нюрнбергского процесса....

История в фотографиях (307)


Джессика Лэнг съёмках фильма Кинг-конг", 1976 год. Встреча президента США Ричарда Никсона и Элвиса Пресли в Белом Доме, 21 декабря 1970 года. Диего Марадона, 1980-е....