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Everybody Getting High

Everybody getting high
High high high high high high
Everybody getting high
High high high high high high

Here comes the writer
He's got the script right in his hand
Talkin to the actress

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God Gave My Everything

You can see it in a clear blue sky
You can see it in a woman's eyes
You can hear it in your baby's cries
You can hear it in your lover's sighs
You can touch it in a grain of sand
Yeah hold it rig...

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Goddess in The Doorway

Demons in the bedroom
Dogs are on the roof
I am in the basement
Looking for the truth

Tired of being patient
For the voice to come
If you want the answer
There is only one - only one

Her f...

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Visions of Paradise

Don't tell me when
Something is beautiful
And don't tell me how to
Talk to my friends
Just tell me the names of
The stars in the sky
What's your favourite song
Tell me the names of the
Lovers ...

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Your friends will say
It's self defense
With no hope of recompense
And anyway it makes no sense
The way you hurt me baby

You always turn the other cheek
Always acted mild and meek
Ya always p...

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Hide Away

Hide away hide away

Make sure that I never come back
Disappear and I never come back

I'm gonna pack up all my bags
Vanish while I can
Gonna leave this town behind
Pay it all no mind
I'm gon...

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Oh joy love you bring
Oh joy make my heart sing

And I drove across the desert
I was in my four wheel drive
I was looking for the buddha
And I saw jesus christ

He smiled and shrugged his shou...

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Brand New Set of Rules

I will be kind won't be so cruel
I will be sweet I will be true
The pains of love you'll quickly learn
Are soon to heat and quick to burn

I got a brand new set of rules
Because I am your brand ...

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Dancing in The Starlight

I was tossing and a turning
Like as ship out in the storm
And I could not feel the spirit
There was nothing there at all
And I could not dial the number
And I could not make the call

Dancing i...

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Don't Call Me Up

I was trying to forget you
But you won't tell me how
Lately I'm finding it tricky
With your picture plastered all over town
Friends pick you up in conversation
Just to see how I'll react
I get t...

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Lucky Day

I know you're livin, in a fantasy
I know that love has got the best of me cash your chips
I know you're on the slide
Trust in me for I will be your guide

It's your lucky day baby
It's your luck...

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Too Far Gone

Let it down let it down
Let it down now
Let it down let it down
Let it down now
Let it down let it down
Let it down now

I always hate nostalgia
Living in the past
No use getting misty eyed

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Party Doll

You used to be my party doll
But now you say the party's over
You used to love to honky tonk
But now the honky tonking's over
Now life is a bitter thing, my sweet
Now life is a mystery to me

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Peace for The Wicked

No more sleaze ball, funky, low down, skunky juke joints
Where the drinks are knee deep on the floor
And the clientele is posed and angry
And the pretty girls are whores
Who gild the lily, and mor...

147 песни

Primitive Cool

A place far in the future
And faces from the past
And children reading history books
Their faces light and laugh
It all seems so primitive
How did you survive?
It all seemed so different then

147 песни

War Baby

I was born in a war
So they call me a war baby
I was born in a war
And it don't make me war crazy
And the guns start to roar
As the fire sweeps the street

Why can't we walk the road tog...

147 песни

Radio Control

I'm a player in a game show
And it's poisoning my mind
I'm a string on someone's yo-yo
I feel my life is trivialised
I eat scandal for my breakfast
I spit gossip late at night
I'm not one for fa...

147 песни

Say You Will

Cast all your fears aside
And say you will, say you will be mine
And stay with me until the end of time
And help me, help me grind this mill of life
Please, say you will, say you will be mine

147 песни

Kow Tow

And I just don't do things by halves
So come now please don't make me laugh
The wicked lay stones in my path
And friends who are snakes in the grass
I felt the warmth of you in summer days gone by...

147 песни

Let's Work

No sitting down on your butt
The world don't owe you
No sitting down in a rut
I wanna show you
Don't waste your energy
On making enemies
Just take a deep breath
And work your way up
Let's work...

147 песни

7 самых знаменитых вегетарианцев


В России и мире набирают популярность вегетарианская и веганская формы питания. Приверженцы здорового образа жизни уверены, что и без мяса можно получать необходимые организму вещества. Такой точки зр...

Самые богатые российские знаменитости 2020 года


Звезды шоу-бизнеса нередко могут похвастаться высокими доходами. Но все же разница между бюджетами знаменитостей часто является весьма существенной. Журналисты ведущего делового журнала в мире Forbes ...

Самые сексуальные актрисы


Как бы ни была важна работа съёмочной группы и качество актёрской игры, есть то, что порой привлекает зрителей гораздо сильнее. И это, безусловно, самые сексуальные актрисы, за которых режиссёры готов...

"Девушки года" журнала Playboy. Далекие 1960-е


Как известно, знаменитый американский журнал Playboy выходит с 1953 года, но рубрика «Девушка месяца» появилась в нем не сразу. Примечательно, что выбранная персона появляется на развороте в стиле ню,...

Советские актрисы тогда и сейчас


Всё что от нас останется на этой Земле - это память о нас. Зачем люди идут играть в кино? 90% для того чтобы остаться в памяти людей молодыми. И так было до не давнего времени, но сейчас, с развитием ...