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Seventeen Forever

You were young, and so am I
This is wrong, but who am I to judge?
I feel like heaven when we touch
I guess, for me this is enough

We're one mistake for being together
Let's not ask why i...

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Another cigarette, and I'm so bored
Your words aren't making sense
And I was taken, but you were waiting
Another drink and I'm convinced

Not one more sound
Let your hair down
Take the ...

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So take one word, you said
You put it in your bed
You rest your tiny head on your pillow

You wonder where you're going next
You've got your hair pushed to my chest
And now you're hoping ...

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Shake It

Let's drop!
Yeah, come on
Shake, shake

I'll take you home
If you don't leave me at the front door
(Leave me at the front door)
Your body's cold
But girl, we're getting so warm
And I ...

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Wish We Were Older

I wish we were older
I wish we were older
I wish we were older

Keep your body moving, girl
The beat is thumping
Go ahead and let them talk
Their words mean nothing

I know you're sc...

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Now That We're Done

Everybody get down

She's just a friend, you see
You always agree
You know, I lie
But you still trust me

And you believed, in so much hope
But I'm the one, that let you go

Now tha...

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True To Me

She turned me on, but now I'm shaking
She shoots it in, and I keep taking
But they don't see, she's down with me
(It's time to push off)

She's such a rush, she's such a crush

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Tell Me What To Do

Hey, hey
Hey, hey

Come on, don't feel this way
You're only gonna solve this for one day
You wanna get high, and then complain
Girl I only, think of you always
And forever (and forever)...

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If I strum chords
Would you sing a song with me?
If I leave town
Would you leave along with me?

And we could fly away
To outer space
Or we could find a way
To leave this place


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Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

I wonder if you're going down
Where we all know
You get lost, and then get found
And then I wonder so

I can't believe that's what you said
I wonde...

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