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Adolescent Wet Dream


adolescent wet dream

this is a tune form

Pussy Galore

set it up

pussy blame

like a sinner shelter

move in now

stay at home

won't you shut up?



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Agonizer times ten your earther again. Sometimes the bad things are felt from a bad place within.

The thundering heart hole, a stone, the strawberry mark. The clothes of the body,weeper mind sif...

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Air Breather Deep In The Arms Of Morphius

And all this time we're free from the void

The world's darkening for me, and I can't fight

The wheels all the way, the underside


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by the time you're natural

by the time you die

I'll take my head and spin it for you

I'll just look around

and I call you liar

and I call you dead

you come and poisoned all t...

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Like it soar a lore a lie

What tells a mine to mine

Ruff sewed in mullnin' sa heartbreaka

Cause she could lonely sell

Like moanin' wosta lie sin

Cause she's a keen

Like he kn...

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So he takes it once again

I didn't like you having one

And like a dream I could tear into that

Overboard with happiness

We're so gone

We're so free

With every everyone

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At A Crawl

crawling blue mice bore holes through my walls

you were the best thing in my life 'til now

heater moves, puts warmth in my heart

and stops without a word

mouth full of your face...

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At The Stake

May be once

And we became alive

They took the corner of your witches

Fed them all the same

The maker of love for judgements three

Hasn't yet appeared to me

But then I n...

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You Should have told

But I could't find her

And tell her

I can't see

Be steady

got a line

On a system for that's right

Be ready To mind it

On distant man of w...

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Big As A Mountain

Watch out, she's big as a mountain

Slobby slow it's carbon livin'

Now you got something to believe in

Leave your widow golden ribbon.

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Black Bock

I cut the throat of the billy goat and let it bleed

His frozen eyes were far more than I

It's kind of nice to know the things that make me happy

Just realize keep the dog away from me


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Black Santa

hold distant fires behead

laugh on the what it was you yelled

dream of the wounded one he dreamed

master the loaded box pay

now is the time is in on hey

mine is forget to win my ...

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Black Stooges

Why deal?

And end of will

To fire along

And it's not not not a lie

I don't know

If I can lead

The willing beast

And he's why why why white?

Sordid lies


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Blessing The Operation

founding on morality

is a type of insanity

it's about one whole bunch

some people who get stamped

I take that as a yes

give it to me

we gonna stick on your privacy

slept ...

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your first mistake

was to think

you could fuck with the ranch

here I come here I come

with my dick in my hand

do you think you'd like to have a blockbuster up your ass?

do you ...

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I'd like to take, I'd like to feel wanted

Take 'em up and take 'em down

I'd like to make a lot of, Generate the one eyed males

Build 'em up and let 'em fall

Just lay 'em on and leave...

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Brian Center At Whipples

Where is my fortune?

It's in my forced reaction

Doesn't one hand help me read now?

Doesn't one hand help the other one?

Put down the wild

Cooking like the face of banality


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Buck Owens

See the faulty now

See the dawn

See clear

Five six it's gonna be narrow

By written law

For right of hollow form

By thy all night

Figure five fourteen motorized


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Captain Pungent

Daylight time of ten feel of a monster

Right here the wilds grow we ain't go a foot hold

Be nice afraid the future to be in now

Neck ties fir survive rest to be only forty nine...

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Mean little stealer you

Got your head bowed down

I got a mouth full of cotton

Duct taped down

I've been drinking too much lysol

and my heads bowed too


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