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Fly Like A Bird

Somehow I know that
There's a place up above
With no more hurt and struggling
Free of all atrocities and suffering
Because I feel the unconditional love
From one who cares enough for me

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Mine Again

I remember when you used to be mine
Way back when
I was too na?ve to love you right
But now if I only had the opportunity
I would do anything
Because my heart still believes


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Shake It Off

I goota shake you off
Cause the loving ain't the same
And you keep on playing games
Like you know I'm here to stay
I gotta shake you off
Just like the Calgon commercial
I real...

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We Belong Together

I didn't mean it
When I said I didn't love you so
I should have held on tight
I never should've let you go
I did nothing
I was stupid
I was foolish
I was lying to myself
I could not ...

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It's Like That

[Jermaine Dupri:]
Dis is, the point when I need everybody get to the dance floor
It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y'all (that y'all)
Da da da da, I like that y'all (that y'all)
It's l...

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Say Somethin'

I'm over here
Looking at you
You're over there
Watching me too
Both painting pictures of
Of how we'll kiss and hug

So what we gonna do
(So what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do)
Tell ...

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Stay The Night

You're kissing me
And saying I'm the one you need
To keep you warm
And lay with you tonight
Baby I feel the same way
I don't want to leave
Wanna hold you close
And feel your love insid...

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Get Your Number

Oh damn
The club 'bout to close in a minute
Can I get your number baby
So you and I can go get in it
Let me come and pick you up
And go take you out
Can I get your number baby...

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Ever since you left me
I've been trying to hide the pain
Painting on a smile with lipstick
Putting on a big charade
So difficult to keep pretending
It's getting harder everyday
It's plai...

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One And Only

I'm lookin' for my one and only
Every time I turn around
I find my heart in pieces on the ground
So so lonely
I'm lookin' for my one and only

I'm riding home in pain again baby
But that ...

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I Wish You Knew

I've got to see you
Wherever you are
And I've got to be there
I'm wishing on stars
I've got to reveal what's inside of my heart
But the words escape me
And I'm paralyzed
So helpless wh...

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To The Floor (Tonight)

Oh, to the floor, everybody to the floor [repeat]
To the floor, everybody to the floor
MC, Nelly

Baby, I don't want to let you think
I like to try ya, I think you so on fi...

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Your Girl

See, I used to be so shy
Sit at home and fantasize
(I should be your girl)
but I ain't wastin' no more time
cause I've got to make you mine

I'm gonna make you want to
Get wi...

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Joy Ride

[Verse 1]
Baby baby don't you ever let go
More and more until we both overflow
Got a feeling that my heart's never known
I found love
Tender kisses and I'm floating on air
You can have m...

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Bringin' On The Heartbreak

Gypsy, sittin lookin pretty
A broken rose and laughin' eyes
You're a mystery
Always runnin' wild
Like a child without a home
You're always searchin'
Searchin for a feelin'
But it's easy come ...

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Should just hug you goodbye
But I just can't walk away from paradise
So I guess I'll sing you that sweet lullaby
And we can revisit us one more time
Yes, I'll come home with you tonight

Hey b...

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Irresisteble (West Side connection)

Everytime I try to leave
Something pulls me back baby
Tried and tried to let you go
But it's just impossible
Everytime we say goodbye
Bitter tear drops fill my eyes
Wish I didn't need you so

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Subtle Invitation

On the off chance you'd hear
And if you happen to be somewhere listening
You should know I'm still here

If you really need me
Baby just reach out and touch me
You don't ever have to be

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Through the rain (Remix feat. Kelly Price and Joe)

When you get caught
In the pouring rain
With nowhere to run
Without anyone and you
Get a little bit frightened
Cause you've lost your way home
But through all the thunder and lightening
Just ...

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Through The Rain

When you get caught in the rain with no where to run
When you're distraught and in pain without anyone
When you keep crying out to be saved
But nobody comes and you feel so far away
That you ...

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